Changing Narratives with Feelings Kit Ritual

The Feelings Kit Ritual gives you that possibility of changing your inner chatter. The narrative that oftentimes keeps you stuck. Not getting to achieve what you wish to accomplish. A New Dawn Opens That is surely there in that first half an hour after doing the Feelings Kit Ritual the night before. That has been … Read more

Forgiveness & Its Feeling Kit Blessings

Day 3 of the Feelings Kit Ritual Last night when I began the Ritual there was quite a bit of chatter in my mind …just life and its chatter. Anyhow once more VALOR started my slowing down process. Then the ritual stepped to HARMONY followed by RELEASE, as my Anthurium Lily started her dance to the ceiling. Nothing … Read more

Sleep Solutions with Marma Points

This image of the face is from my Self Care Spa Massage for Shoulders, Neck and Face manual. There are many more Marma point charts in this manual with descriptions of their benefits and how to communicate with them. Sleep issues abound globally Insomnia is not the only sleep issue Sleep apnea is now quite … Read more

Singing Moon Praises

From my book of poems Finnish Moments There she sat this Golden Orb of Light As birds, branches, leaves and gentle wind Kept singing praises to her This April moon is thanked for raising their sap Bringing beauty and light after that long Winter Then a Crow would have to announce its dominance of space … Read more

January 2024

Your Decluttering 6 Metal Child Star Month The essence of this month is Minimalism in all domains of your life.That aspect of letting go what no longer serves you. One can even say like Marie Kondo; “Let go of things that no longer bring you joy.” What is most interesting about the biological link to … Read more

Finnish Moments Poem

ZEN CAT Got to know her Walking to my first Public Zazen morning In April 
 There she was walking towards me Tail up Head up with her strut All aimed at my ankle 
 Down I reached stroking her Yet after me she ran As I walked along Inviting me to her Zen morning … Read more

November Guidance with 8 Earth Star

From November 8th to December 8th 2023 we are experiencing the charm of the 8 Earth Child Star. There is a quality with its energy which hints at saving and accumulating for the winter. That observer quality is very present in the atmosphere. There is a swing away from the razzmatazz of the 9 Fire … Read more

Rex Lassalle