Circles & Silence

A Koan of Silence

Day 15 Feelings Kit Ritual

There is not much that I can say today, except that in chatting with a friend and her client. That word Circle and drawing it brought a sense of healing to the client. Her voice became more present, eyes brightened. A new possibility arose for the lady with her challenges. All a puzzle to me. Hence my silence, as I have no explanations or reasons to offer.

Provides Healing Koans

The 3 of us felt it when that word Circle was mentioned. The next word from the lady was Freedom. Please do not ask me why as I am still in the experience with no answers. I know not to seek some logical explanation. Those blend of oils from those trees and plants and their healing capacity. They are totally outside of our well educated minds to explain. Be blessed with the Circle and enjoy. This Koan opens new spaces in my being. May it do the same to you. Thank you Feelings Kit Ritual for that new possibility with CIRCLE


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Rex Lassalle