Emotional Intelligence for 2023

What is the guidance that the 4 Wood Goddess Star can give our Child Stars this year? So that our Emotional Intelligence is Optimised The first thing that needs to be clarified is that I am addressing your emotional needs from your Child Star. You discover your Child Star from the year and the month … Read more

2023 Guidance from 4 Wood Goddess Star

Your Emotional Guidance Code Resides Here Yes that circle below with its code tells you where your Child Star resides this year You discover your Child Star from the year and the month you were born Do you want to know what yours is? You can get it here The first 3 Free Chapters of … Read more

4 Wood Goddess Star 2023 Guidance

I have been a student of these 9 Stars for more that four decades. I have written a few books about it; Grasshopping through Time…(1999 sold out)and The Time of Your Life…could it be Now? My latest is called “Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME” (2022)which is now in 3 additional languages; French, German … Read more

TRAUMATIC BLESSINGS FROM ORINOCO FLOWS Those two words don’t seem to go together. Yet over the last six years I have had my share of them and those traumas were blessings for me. Blessings in that the traumas were letting me know that I need to be more authentic about who I am in life. … Read more


There they are standing in the worldThose twelveAttachments grasping addictionsStuck with mental illusions Anger comes alongAddictions not working well todayAnxiety arises mixed with angerWill addictive fix happen today? It did notDepression darknessNow governs that mindGot to change it with some junk food Then again I don’t like itWhat do I like?Ah!Where is my cell phone? … Read more


When that To Do List is not happening Disappointments occur! Something is also present in those moments. This poem puts you in the picture with those moments. This poem is from my forthcoming book of poems FINNISH MOMENTS DISAPPOINTMENTS REALLY? We sit Quiet is our demand Yet busy birds squawk Spring is here How else … Read more

Rex Lassalle