Release & Its Blessings

Feelings Kit Ritual Day 16 Oftentimes when we reflect on our well being and health matters, we think of releasing anger, rage and frustration from our system. Obviously this is very true and does make a difference to our emotional and mental wellbeing. We forget though that we are often holding on to an inner … Read more

Inner Child Ripening

Awoke, poems pumping through my veins Childhood visitations graced my morningIn that sea of Alpha Brain waves poems unfoldedDemanding to the computer I had to goSo I did and these childhood memoriesRipened into empowering fruits. All from Inner Child and its gifts Back to memory lane A precious moment with my father brought this poem … Read more

Changing Narratives with Feelings Kit Ritual

The Feelings Kit Ritual gives you that possibility of changing your inner chatter. The narrative that oftentimes keeps you stuck. Not getting to achieve what you wish to accomplish. A New Dawn Opens That is surely there in that first half an hour after doing the Feelings Kit Ritual the night before. That has been … Read more

Forgiveness & Its Feeling Kit Blessings

Day 3 of the Feelings Kit Ritual Last night when I began the Ritual there was quite a bit of chatter in my mind …just life and its chatter. Anyhow once more VALOR started my slowing down process. Then the ritual stepped to HARMONY followed by RELEASE, as my Anthurium Lily started her dance to the ceiling. Nothing … Read more

Rex Lassalle