Osaka’s acknowledgment of her mental health issues was really a request for SPACE.   Creating SPACE is not something that is part of our daily narratives, with ourselves or with people.  Some of it would have changed in the last forty years with the curiosity that Feng Shui created among many Westerners, which has remained. … Read more


What does your 4 wood child star need & want in 2021?

I start with the 4 Wood Child Star as it resides in the East this year. The East is the direction of New Beginnings. It is the direction from where the Sun begins each new day.  People who have the 4 Wood Child Star are in an energy field of new emotional beginnings.  What does that mean…”New beginnings Emotionally!”  … Read more

Marvin Gaye

Why is it that Greta Thunberg & Marvin Gaye speaks the same language?

Before I get to that, a former student of mine sent me an email where he mentioned, I quote “Let’s not forget that Greta T is part of the left-wing movement championing a false climate change narrative.”  Since I wrote a blog in praise of Greta Thunberg some months ago, occasionally a few friends & associates … Read more

Rex Lassalle