Inner Child Ripening

Awoke, poems pumping through my veins Childhood visitations graced my morningIn that sea of Alpha Brain waves poems unfoldedDemanding to the computer I had to goSo I did and these childhood memoriesRipened into empowering fruits. All from Inner Child and its gifts Back to memory lane A precious moment with my father brought this poem … Read more

Changing Narratives with Feelings Kit Ritual

The Feelings Kit Ritual gives you that possibility of changing your inner chatter. The narrative that oftentimes keeps you stuck. Not getting to achieve what you wish to accomplish. A New Dawn Opens That is surely there in that first half an hour after doing the Feelings Kit Ritual the night before. That has been … Read more

Singing Moon Praises

From my book of poems Finnish Moments There she sat this Golden Orb of Light As birds, branches, leaves and gentle wind Kept singing praises to her This April moon is thanked for raising their sap Bringing beauty and light after that long Winter Then a Crow would have to announce its dominance of space … Read more

Finnish Moments Poem

ZEN CAT Got to know her Walking to my first Public Zazen morning In April 
 There she was walking towards me Tail up Head up with her strut All aimed at my ankle 
 Down I reached stroking her Yet after me she ran As I walked along Inviting me to her Zen morning … Read more

Summer Solstice Gratitude Poems

There is a long tradition going back endless centuries in Finland where this day is celebrated with great joy and gratitude. HAPPINESS – Its in Our Nature This is the “mantra” sound byte that surrounds the marketing of Finland.No they did not hire me to write this One of the blessings Finland has granted me … Read more

Indigenous Initiations

WITH Controversy I had many responses to my Indigenous Uprising blog and poems There was a testimonial about it Rex was never a status quo type. His raw contemporary poetry provides data enough to assign him to the ranks of Harris in Guiana or Cesaire in Martinique. Magic and a restless mysticism betray his affair … Read more

Rex Lassalle & His History

Most friends and students know nothing about my past except if they were from Trinidad. If they were born after 1970 they would know nothing about me and my historical past. That TIME has come for me to share about it. That the many misunderstandings I have faced over the decades can now be understood … Read more

Rex Lassalle