Rex Lassalle & His History

Rex Lassalle attending his commonwealth court martial, 1971
At Commonewealth Court Martial

Most friends and students know nothing about my past except if they were from Trinidad. If they were born after 1970 they would know nothing about me and my historical past. That TIME has come for me to share about it. That the many misunderstandings I have faced over the decades can now be understood from an Indigenous Ancestral landscape

Here is that historical moment in July 1972 when I was released from prison after 27 months there; 9 months in solitary confinement and many months below condemned prisoners who were hung on many Tuesdays. All part of intimidation. Your first shock about who Rex Lassalle is…PRISON? Yes! part of my history…so read on.

That’s me leaving in an Army Vehicle greeted by the people of Trinidad

The details of that TIME and those moments are now here for you to discover

Rex’s Indigenous Poetry

“On 1970 And Beyond”: conversations between Rex Lassalle, Roger Toussaint and W.R. Holder (January & February, 2023)

Reintroducing Former Lieutenant Rex Lassalle – Roger Toussaint

Thank You Roger and Troppy for making time and effort to open this page of my life to the world. I am deeply grateful. Above is that story of more than five decades. You can now fit my TIME teaching Macrobiotics into this. You can also have my TIME teaching 9 Star Ki Astrology into this where I have brought it to The Alchemy of TIME with the guidance of my Ancestors. That TIME of Aikido and Zazen where Zen meditation is a daily way of life fits into that puzzle. Read On Thanks for exploring and discovering.

Rex Lassalle

For those who would like to know more about me and my life journey; you can get my Audio book Autobiography as I share it with you

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Many Thanks for reading and discovering! Rex

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