What does your 4 wood child star need & want in 2021?

I start with the 4 Wood Child Star as it resides in the East this year. The East is the direction of New Beginnings. It is the direction from where the Sun begins each new day.  People who have the 4 Wood Child Star are in an energy field of new emotional beginnings.  What does that mean…”New beginnings Emotionally!”  … Read more

greta thunberg

A Global Icon seen through the eyes of The Alchemy of TIME!

GRETA THUNBERG SPEAKS  You only talk about green eternal economic growth  Because you are too scared of being unpopular I care about Climate Justice and the Living Planet  We do need hope, of course we do But the one thing we need more than hope is action Once we start to act, hope is everywhere.  GRETA THUNBERG   She was … Read more

Barbra Wilson

Barbra Wilson

‘Rex has produced what I would call the first handbook to self-discovery and parenting that has ever been written. He guides you through the mire of patterns in your life and shows you the roadmap of how to free you from yourself and furthermore nurture your children in a way that one would imagine our … Read more

Rex Lassalle