What does your 4 wood child star need & want in 2021?

I start with the 4 Wood Child Star as it resides in the East this year. The East is the direction of New Beginnings. It is the direction from where the Sun begins each new day. 

People who have the 4 Wood Child Star are in an energy field of new emotional beginnings. 

What does that mean…”New beginnings Emotionally!” 

Curiosity and interest in new hobbies, in new things in your life will be present. 

For example, if you are a musician, you will tend to be interested in a new genre of music or finding other levels of innovation in what you do. 

Basically, where the 4 Wood Child Star individual feels and connects with enthusiasm, it is worthwhile for them to journey on that path.   

This means that at times during this year, the changing of routines can easily occur and impulsive responses would be triggered. Give that time and space, it may easily create new possibilities and paths for you to explore in life.  

The Wind and its messages are both literal and metaphorical as to how it impacts the 4 Wood Child personalities. It is important for them to be receptive to this.  

Being a lover of Jazz, I can illustrate this from the musical career of the Jazz Saxophonist John Coltrane. Coltrane’s Child Star was the 4 Wood. In 1957 he did recordings with the famous Thelonious Monk.


This was a 7 Metal Star year and Coltrane’s 4 Wood Child star was in the 2 Earth house. This is a house that always hints at a transition to something new that will start to be expressed the following year. In 1957, Coltrane working with Monk’s composition was starting to play chords in a different manner as Monk was already doing this on the piano. These were totally new innovations in the world of jazz.

At the start of 1958 he joined Miles Davis and played with Davis till 1960. In 1958 Coltrane developed his signature expression that has been termed Sheets of Sound in the world of Jazz. This was totally new, never done before by any musician. You can hear Sheets of Sound from 2 mins. 50 to 4 mins. 17 on the Miles Davis So What composition where he solos.

Here are my suggestions for 4 Wood Child Star personalities in 2021.

What inspires you and moves You, go for it. Do it, immerse yourself in it. Give your heart a new sense of joy and enthusiasm. 

Avoid procrastinating with these interest that fires your being… waiting for the perfect time. NOW is the perfect time.  

Be flexible with situations in your emotional life; avoid responding with anger and expressions of impatience. 

Cultivate patience with things that irritate and frustrate you.  

Do a journal, especially for those times when your disturbing emotions get triggered by certain upsetting circumstances in your life rather than getting into shouting and other tantrums.  

Do include stretching exercises in your daily routine, be it Yoga, Sotai, Chi Gung routines where stretching is a key ingredient in the sequence. 

Avoid heavy late night dinners, they do not support your emotional state and can easily bring about feelings of stagnation and procrastination in your daily life.  

Should your body start having pain or discomfort in the region of your left ribs or left side of your trunk; do reflect what is happening in your life in that period. Your body is giving you a clear signal that it is not happy with some aspect of your lifestyle. Be that connected to your emotional state, eating habits or other lifestyle choices. Then it is important that you change direction as your body is sending you a very clear message that it is struggling with how things are.  

Let 2021 be a year of passionate enthusiasm for 4 Wood Child personalities.  

May the winds stir your enthusiasm! 

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