What does the 6 metal child need & want in 2021

In 2021 the 6 Metal Child Star is in the five Earth house. The house of stability and coming home to you, this is the core need emotionally when your child star sits in this house.  

Is that easy, no it is not? A core reason for this being very challenging especially in this period we are living in is that we are mesmerized by distractions. Be it Facebook, Netflix, you tube etc. So rather than coming home to ourselves we get lost in an addiction of distractions.  

“Rex, are you saying that it is a hopeless situation?” 

Not at all, it is always easier for you to manage and overcome your challenges when they can be identified very clearly. 

A key source of support is doing a journal or a diary as regards how your day unfolded. These times of reflection in the evening will give you the opportunity to see and feel things clearly as to what is so with yourself emotionally.  

Be real about your emotional experiences, for sure this is not a time for hankering after hope of rekindling faded dreams and wishes. Such nostalgia can suck your energy downwards and shift you into depression. Please do not read that as if some lost love will never return to your life. The mystery of love cannot be defined and managed. What I am saying is that don’t get hooked into daydreaming about such past moments during a year or month where your child star resides in the 5 Earth house.  

“Rex, that sounds bitterly brutal!” 

No, it is not, it is very healing and supports your wellbeing in a way you are coming to terms with what is so in your life. Emotionally you may be in a great relationship/marriage. For sure cherish that and have your energy be focused on stabilizing it and giving it all the practical support you can.

In the times we are presently living, practical support means giving and creating quality time for your relationship with your partner.  

As regards hobbies and areas of passion in your life, let it be a time of making those things functional and practical. If your passion was clarinet music and you have listened to many clarinet-playing musicians over the last year or two. This is an Ideal time when your child star is in the 5Earth house for you to get a clarinet and learn to play it.  

It is best to check things and assess new impulses or interest in a measured way rather than functioning from your intuition during this 5 Earth house period.  

A key recommendation for the 6 Metal Child star personalities this year is to make sure you maintain your blood sugar levels with regular meal times. Avoid sugar and cake binges should you have any emotional disappointments. For sure do not seek to handle your sorrows through the bottle as this can dent you for many days or weeks.

I want to feature Joni Mitchell who has a 6 Metal Child Star.

The album Hejira was done in 1976, which was a 6 Metal Star year. By the way for those who do not know Joni Mitchell, she has written more than two hundred and eighty songs, which has given her 8 Grammy wins and 16 nominations.

I featured her in my Time of Your Life book

She is a global icon who paints her lyrics with guitar playing and a voice that is pristine, echoing truths from her own living experience. Joni celebrates her 6 Metal Child with a core essence of ethics that is Zen. I know of no other songwriter or artist who is cutting edge to the bone with her heart and being. She does it and is her own person, totally authentic. In the Hejira album she is embracing the reality of her emotional life as she drives through the American landscape etching her pain, surprise encounters and nonchalant observations of life and who she is in it. She is non-judgmental, all observational, the Zen songwriter sharing her calligraphies as to the nature of her mind. Ethical, compassionate with a raw truthfulness that disarms you yet opens your heart, once you grant her that space. 

Should you for one minute think that I am exaggerating or packaging her about her artistry. Have a listen to the acknowledgement that she is given by a fellow master of musical expression Herbie Hancock at a Les Paul Innovation Award Ceremony

Joni Mitchell thanks for inspiring us as how to dance with our 6 Metal Child star emotionally when it sits in the 5 Earth house. 

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  1. Thank you Rex for these insights being a six metal star I can relate to Joni’s song.
    This is obvious as it relates to me and this year.

    Thank you Rex for these simple yet exequsite insights for making me just know how to chart my direction of in this life


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