November Guidance with 8 Earth Star

From November 8th to December 8th 2023 we are experiencing the charm of the 8 Earth Child Star. There is a quality with its energy which hints at saving and accumulating for the winter. That observer quality is very present in the atmosphere. There is a swing away from the razzmatazz of the 9 Fire … Read more

Planet Fitness with Your 3 Wood Child Star

We will be under the Cosmic influence of the 3 Wood Child Star.Obviously, for most of us we are under the influence of our cell phone and that is where our Relatedness to life resides. No judgement about that as then I will be caught with some antagonism to how it is out there in … Read more

Summer Solstice Gratitude Poems

There is a long tradition going back endless centuries in Finland where this day is celebrated with great joy and gratitude. HAPPINESS – Its in Our Nature This is the “mantra” sound byte that surrounds the marketing of Finland.No they did not hire me to write this One of the blessings Finland has granted me … Read more

Anxiety Self Care with Marma Points

Anxiety Self Care Protocol with Marma Points First StepSlow down, yes allow your breathing to occur from your tummy.Give yourself permission to let go of your belly button as you breathe in.Yes, your tummy gets more round when you do that and your diaphragm is giving your liver, spleen and other internal organs a gentle … Read more

Emotional Self Care with Marma Points

Yesterday I shared about creating a Calm Mind Blend from Young Living oils.Interesting, I immediately got feedback from friends in a few hours that they were going to make this blend.I will keep you updated about what they share with me about their experiences. Rex! “That is quite a grandiose statement you are making.” Emotional … Read more

Rex Lassalle