THAT OF A SEXUAL AFFIRMER In my last post I wrote about her Trauma HER TRAUMA When you look back at the US Open ceremony, where she defeated Serena Williams. The way she was addressed when her Haitian roots were not acknowledged by the host, this would have cut very deep for her emotionally. Both … Read more


WHERE HAS IT GONE? Yes these days, there is not much common sense around. Many people are in this boat going nowhere except to the Pusher man.                                                                                                                   In a way Curtis Mayfield hits the nail on the head with his song Pusher man    Except now it is with people suffering from depression, bipolar and the … Read more


FEELINGS KIT RITUAL DAYS 20 TO 27 How those days just rolled by taking me deeper and deeper with connections to nature, trees, birds, animals and Ancestors. Took me this long to resurface from where I went. All arising from phenomenal creative insights and messages. Finding words for some of this is still unfolding though … Read more

Rex Lassalle