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Discover a new Routine

Last night as I engaged with Forgiveness, my exploration went into an entirely new direction. This was about routines. Some aspects of my life, I have had consistent routines. Be it with health, wellbeing, meditation. These were consistent. In the realm of productivity; this was more linked to the creative process and its moments of inspiration. Some hints at self-sabotage started to show up. Yet, within that there were blessings. All of this surrounded Forgiveness when I did the Ritual last night .

Forgiveness brought new routines

Habitual Routines were not possible

Time for a change of Routines

It was impossible for me to start my day with Zazen. It was not possible to do some Yoga or stretching movements. Habitual was off the menu big time this morning. A shift, something… my being is seeking another narrative. No breakfast, no snack… to the forest I had to go. I went with some offerings for the forest and its trees. No agenda, just walking and being present to what shows up. To put in place a new narrative. Readers, this is spontaneous. No such impulse arose before. Anyway, off I went and the signs were very present as they kept unfolding. Especially links to my father. It was magic. I explored walking backwards. That was fun. All new to me. From these new symbols. signs and coincidences a new morning routine will emerge in the coming two to three days.

Thank You Feelings Kit RituL

Thank You Feelings Kit Ritual for bringing a new Routine

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