Feeling Gets the Blessing

Feeling gets the blessing is the key to The Feelings Kit Ritual

Feelings Kit Ritual Day 18

Cultivating that feeling attitude as you go through the blend of oils. The feeling approach is what makes the difference.

How does it feel on your feet?

How does it feel? when you rub those 3 drops of Valor on the sole of each foot? How do you feel in your body. Be with the feelings whatever they are. As you connect with the feelings, this does create space with you and your inner narratives. Your subconscious mind is activated as you approach it with this attitude. No fix it responses please. Just observe and give it space

Harmony to the Chakras

Harmony to the Chakras

As you apply the Harmony oil to your chakras along your spine up to the neck. Complete the anointing to your 3rd eye and crown chakra. Open your heart space and feel what is now present for you.

Release self-sabotage chatter

Release self-sabotage

As you allow that drop or two of Release oil on to your right ribs over your gall bladder/liver region. Do put a drop onto your tongue. Feel it dissolving self-sabotage and frustration that underly many of your challenges in life.

Forgiveness opens your heart

As you reflect on the day about what needs forgiving. At times nothing comes up for you to forgive. This can happen as you empty your inner closet of those painful moments where conflict once reigned. A light and spacious feeling to your being can arise. Because the navel with its subtle energy systems called nadis, does have a formidable impact on your DNA. This stretches back to your ancestral links, when a drop of Forgiveness is applied there. .

Brings you into the here and now

Present Time brings you to Now!

As you tap your sternum bone with Present Time and you mention the day when it is happening. This anchors you into the Now. Brings you right back to feeling the physicality of who you are.

Embrace a moment of your childhood

Embrace a moment of Your Childhood

Touching back along memory lane to a very clear event that happened in your childhood. Notwithstanding, whether it be joyful or otherwise. Bring that moment and feeling into your being as you apply the Inner Child blend to your thumb and onto the roof of your mouth. Suck on your thumb as you take 9 steps backwards.

Remember Feeling gets the Blessing

Feeling gets the blessing

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