Crisis coaching

  • Feel stressed out, can’t sleep, creativity evaporated?
  • Confusion Reigns and perhaps you don’t like yourself.
  • Indecision has become norm.

Crisis Coaching is a fundamental support process that helps individuals or groups at a time of intense difficulty where critical decisions need to be made. This form of coaching is supportive when one is faced with a turning point in their life and all directions are blurred.

Crisis Coaching Model


Initially, we will approach the crisis by creating space. This will allow you to connect with possibilities that bring about a different perspective.


The second stage is to collectively explore the obstacles that are restricting the freedom of Time & Space within your work, life or practice.


An ancient therapy that will help bring comfort and at ease in your body, thereby allowing critical moments of growth.

How to register for crisis coaching

1. Chat

Initially we will have a conversation to discuss the crisis you are facing.

2. Define Problem

We choose to give this crisis a name or define the actual problem or issue.

3. Agree Outcomes & Goals

It is important to explore desired outcomes and solutions and what it would take for you to achieve this.

4. Collaborate Plan

We then collaborate to create a structure for the sessions to achieve the agreed outcomes. 

5. Support Process 

My methods are designed to best serve your outcomes. On this journey, evaluations of your progress will be present as critical changes occur. We also look at what will support you sustaining the transformational process that you have achieved.

Coaching Fees: Although our initial introductory meeting is free, my standard fee structure is €180 per session. The arrangements that best support you achieving a breakthrough will be discussed.

Rex Lassalle