Marvin Gaye

Why is it that Greta Thunberg & Marvin Gaye speaks the same language?

Before I get to that, a former student of mine sent me an email where he mentioned, I quote “Let’s not forget that Greta T is part of the left-wing movement championing a false climate change narrative.”  Since I wrote a blog in praise of Greta Thunberg some months ago, occasionally a few friends & associates … Read more

greta thunberg

A Global Icon seen through the eyes of The Alchemy of TIME!

GRETA THUNBERG SPEAKS  You only talk about green eternal economic growth  Because you are too scared of being unpopular I care about Climate Justice and the Living Planet  We do need hope, of course we do But the one thing we need more than hope is action Once we start to act, hope is everywhere.  GRETA THUNBERG   She was … Read more

Rex Lassalle