A Global Icon seen through the eyes of The Alchemy of TIME!


You are not mature enough to tell it like it is 
That burden you leave to us children
You say you love your children above everything else 
Yet you are stealing their future in front of their very eyes.

What we do and don’t do right now will affect my entire life 
And the lives of my children and grandchildren 
Maybe they will ask why didn’t you do anything? 
While there still was time to act

Why should I be studying for a future? 
That soon will be no more 
No one is doing anything to save that future 
No one is acting as if we are in a crisis

greta thunberg

You only talk about green eternal economic growth  
Because you are too scared of being unpopular 
I care about Climate Justice and the Living Planet 

We do need hope, of course we do 
But the one thing we need more than hope is action 
Once we start to act, hope is everywhere. 


She was born January 3rd 2003 in Stockholm Sweden. She is a double 7 Metal personality. 

My assessment about the 7 Metal child personality is as follows:

The 7 metal child is a child who is always seeking harmony. Oftentimes the 7 metal child does not really know what it likes or what it does not like. It is just reflecting whatever is part of the child’s life and keeps replicating it. If what is around the 7 Metal child is a lot of TV watching, then the child talks about TV shows. If all the children at school talk about a soccer team or singer, the 7 Metal child will talk about the soccer team or singer. This does not mean that the 7 Metal child likes the soccer team or the singer that is being talked about. It is going with the flow with what surrounds its life.  


Is SHE? 

Oftentimes the 7 metal child does not really know what it likes or what it does not like. It is just reflecting whatever is part of the child’s life and keeps replicating it. 

When she was about 11 years of age. She stopped eating, as she was feeling very sick. Her parents then realized that she was suffering from Asperger’s Syndrome. An autistic type of illness, her younger sister suffers from ADHD; Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. The whole home environment changed. As her mother stated, “the house is on fire”. Caught and swimming in a home environment of sickness.  

She and her sister were born into it like so many children in their age group. 

She was that depressed and suffering; she stopped eating. Being a double 7 metal child can unconsciously connect her with the 9 Fire Contextual Winning Field.

I wrote about this in my book The Time of Your Life.. is it Now?

“What I observed decades ago was when these two star numbers (Adult number and Child number) are separated by a Star Number in the centre of the 9 Star Ki Square. It is also termed Lo Shu Square. (I call it a Circle rather than a square. Squares are boxes just like coffins hence Circle). You then had star number that most frequently highlighted a high stress time in a person’s life. I also observed that such a time can trigger a peak creative period for an individual and that many of the trailblazers in the world had major ingenious actions when this was the case.  I call this star that is at the centre of their opposing star numbers the Contextual Winning Field. 

Let us take this conversation deeper with her timing of when she took action. 2018 was a 9 Fire year. This meant her Contextual Winning Field was activated. She came on the world stage then, plus if we take it to a more profound level. August 20thwas an 8 Earth Star month. Her 7 Metal Stars were in the 4 Wood House, which is about communicating, sending messages out to people and to the world. Along with that it was 6 days before the Full Moon. Actions or promotions begun in a waxing moon period always carry more traction than at other times.  

So was born her protest outside the Swedish Parliament This action created an outlet for her pain, suffering and depression. She immediately connected with her Contextual Winning Field, which is 9 Fire.  

What is her 9 Fire Contextual Winning Field about? 

Here is a poem about her 9 Fire Contextual Winning Field that was written in Chapter 2 of The Time of Your Life…it it Now? 

Burning log, deep red glow shines forth 
Intense revelation passionately pours forth 
Energy flows from gut through heart. 
Not seen before, a torn celebrating heart 

I think this accurately expresses who Greta is and how she is embodying this Creative dimension of herself.  In that same chapter I also wrote that the 9 Fire Contextual Field is manifesting when the following are happening: 


All the 6 points highlighted above are present except for number 2. On social media and the net, I have seen no mention about she having an exercise program. I think her constant activism in front of public buildings and institutions globally would work up a sweat.   

Since Greta stepped out the Pot, she has had an audience with The Pope in April 2019. He was very supportive of her Climate Justice actions, encouraging her to continue. I am not so sure that message has been conveyed to the more than one Billion Catholic faithful. 

Here is a quote about the 7 Metal Child from my book Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME 

One needs to be aware that though the 7 Metal child likes to be in harmony with what is happening around them. It is another matter for things to be imposed on the 7 Metal child. This does not sit well with the 7 Metal child and this is where you can see them being rebellious. People do see them as easy going and laid back and because of that make the assumption that you can impose things on them. Big Mistake.   

Well, this aspect of who she is, most certainly is fully expressed on the world stage. She holds Climate Injustice as a personal imposition on who she is. The illness that she and her sister and millions of children suffer, have been imposed on them because of the toxic environment. This is where the emotional dimension of her actions lay. 

Some famous global personalities who carry the 7 Metal child star are Marlon Brando, Twiggy, Frank Sinatra, Spike Lee, Angie Dickinson, Helmut Kohl, Barbara Walters, Brigitte Bardot, Marvin Gaye, Kate Millett.  

As we look at this list, we can see that they are not personalities that you can push around or impose your views on them. They do open their mouths, which often lead to major embarrassments. 

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  1. She reminds me of a beautiful flower, waiting for the butterflies to take her pollen to others. Germinate. Spread my seeds.


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