When that To Do List is not happening Disappointments occur! Something is also present in those moments. This poem puts you in the picture with those moments. This poem is from my forthcoming book of poems FINNISH MOMENTS DISAPPOINTMENTS REALLY? We sit Quiet is our demand Yet busy birds squawk Spring is here How else … Read more


This is the fundamental question as you cultivate your relationship with your Subconscious Mind. Obviously that is a Metaphor as to where You allow Your Subconscious Mind to take You.This is where it becomes truly subtle and where in that moment of engaging the Subconscious Mind with that query other levels of ripening can occur. … Read more


Shinto Maiden Marie Kondo She has inspired us with her approach to tidying often transcribed as Decluttering. She states very clearly My method is partly inspired by the Shinto religion. Cleaning and organising things properly can be a spiritual practice in Shintoism, which is concerned with the energy or divine spirit of things kami and … Read more


ASHLEY KAHN* QUOTE Certain aspects of Coltrane’s humble beginnings point to what he would become. Being born in 1926 in small-town North Carolina—specifically Hamlet, and later High Point—helps explain his predilection for the blues. His affinity for a distinct, gospel feel—meditative, prayer-like songs and the preacher-like tone in his saxophone—can be partially credited to being … Read more

Rex Lassalle