Emotional Self Care with Marma Points

Being Responsible & Caring

Yesterday I shared about creating a Calm Mind Blend from Young Living oils.
Interesting, I immediately got feedback from friends in a few hours that they were going to make this blend.
I will keep you updated about what they share with me about their experiences.


“That is quite a grandiose statement you are making.”

Emotional Self Care with Marma Points.

I never heard that before and for sure it is not on Google.

All of that is true and if you went and entered Emotional Self Care things like EFT emotional freedom technique will come up…correct?

Unless you are into Ayurveda approaches to health or deep into what works in body work it may show up.

Anyway, yes Emotional Self Care is accessible with Marma Points. I am not saying that to deny you going to see a health counsellor or psychotherapist. After almost 5 decades of working on thousands of bodies and teaching thousands of students bodywork in Europe and the Americas. I can say, that has been my experience.

My teachers were fore and foremost Kanetsuka Sensei…my Aikido teacher whose ways of teaching Shiatsu had to do with how you breathe with relaxed shoulders and a capacity to extend KI from your hands…fingers. He never had anything to say about any meridian, nor any particular technique. I remember one day he asked me to go and treat an elderly lady at her home. She was someone he treated over many years.

Kanetsuka Sensei

Anyhow, Sensei asked me how it was treating her. I told him that it was difficult as she was that frail and I was not able to do all that I wanted to do.

He replied, “Rex just be compassionate” end of narrative.

My other key teacher was Chiba Sensei. He taught me at Aikido Summer Camps where every morning I went to his room and gave him a shiatsu and moxaed some points on him at his request. My learning was by observing his changing breathing patterns. I have no other way of describing it as it only happened every morning when I gave him a Shiatsu. Never since with anyone I treated. I guess some may say a type of transmission back to my hands or being occurred. I don’t know.

Chiba Sensei

There are many stories I have shared in my Audio Autobiograpy about Chiba Sensei & Kanetsuka Sensei

Rex Lassalle's Biography. The alchemy of time

How do Marma Points come into this conversation?

I feel it is important that I wrote what I just wrote as these were teachers who made no compromises to the Western Mindset as to how they taught their skills and way of being. I guess because of my Indigenous ancestry this flowed easily for me…having said that there were challenges along the way. Just like riding the bike for the first few times with people shouting Balance and you are falling off. Then finally you get it and those words then mean nothing.

Marma points are where eternity and relativity meet.

Marma Points have a direct link to the Mind.
Yes folks, this goes beyond Acupuncture points as it links to the Manovaha Srotas which is the channel for the Mind.

MIND Realm of Space & Emptiness

We immediately realize that we need to come from a very different place within ourselved than the Fix It one along with the Doing it to get better. Such an inner dialogue when engaging with the Marma points gets you nowhere. The effect is superficial. To allow your touch & contact with the Marma points be one blessed with humility. Instantly, another vibe is present as you conect with them. Surrender, that embracing of humility makes a difference.

What Marma Points for Anxiety?

Emotional Self Care Protocol with Marma Points for Anxiety is now ripe to be shared tomorrow in my next blog.

the alchemy of time
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