Anxiety Self Care with Marma Points

Marma points on the face
Marma Points for Anxiety

Anxiety Self Care Protocol with Marma Points

First Step
Slow down, yes allow your breathing to occur from your tummy.
Give yourself permission to let go of your belly button as you breathe in.
Yes, your tummy gets more round when you do that and your diaphragm is giving your liver, spleen and other internal organs a gentle massage when you breathe in that way.

Second Step
You are now holding your Clear Mind Blend in your hands.

You pour these two 5ml bottles of Nutmeg and Caraway Essential oil into a clean empty 15ml YL EO bottle. Finally you get a bottle of organic non toasted Sesame Oil. You then top up those 2 oils with 5 ml of Organic Sesame Oil.
Seal the bottle with the plastic dropper top, screw the cover on. Shake this 15 ml blend of oils for some 5 mins.

We are now going to bring another deep thread into this conversation which is using a hand Mudra as we do this with our Calm Mind Blend.

Earth Mudra

The majority of us are disconnected from our authentic being the Earth and nature. This is especially the case for those of us who live in an urban environment.

This ritual of the Earth Mudra after you have opened the bottle of Young Living Essential Oil and you are holding it in the other hand. Then offer thanks to the trees, plants herbs and flowers that have gone into the creation of this bottle of oil. Another level of Relatedness occurs wiith the oils and you. A quantum field of possibilities opens when you start doing this.

The core ingredient in this dialogue is Gratitude.

We start the Marma Points protocol by massaging both ears with the calm mind blend of oils. The ears are a microcosm of the body, giving them a good massage triggers a receptive response with all your body systems.

marma points for reducing electromagnetic stress

We begin with KAPALA
Located at the hairline in the centre of the face.
Calms the mind and eases emotional pain. Relieves headaches, benefits sleep

We turn the plastic top of the Calm Mind bottle blend onto our middle finger. Just a touch of it is on the middle finger and you gently with a soft slow breath anoints this point for about a minute. This is the approach that you would do on each Marma point.

We then come to AJNA just above NASA MULA on the midline of the forehead as seen in the chart. This point supports sleep, improves concentration. Calms emotional upsets, benefits eyes

Next point is

NASA MULA directly between the eyebrows on the midline of the face.
This point calms the mind, eases headaches, supports the prostate and cervix
Benefits eyes


NASA MADHYA is where the nasal cartilage meets the bone on the nose.
Eases solar plexus tension, stabilises mental function, allows a deeper relatedness to the environment as it facilitates spaciousness.

At this stage in the protocol a deeper sense of spaciousness occurs. Do give yourself Permission to Feel what is unfolding and what is present. Surrender to the feeling


Directly below the nostrils on the upper lip.
Benefits all levels of brain function
Improves digestion
Supportive marma point for brain seizures

the alchemy of time

Bahya Manibandha is located in the depression directly behind the thumbs when you extend the thumb. That “sink” behind the thumb is the location. Liver issues are helped with this Marma point.
Holding it for a minute as you breathe gently does shift toxins from the liver. Key point for calming the mind. Apply the Calm Blend to your left thumb and apply it on your right wrist. Hold for a minute then do the same on your left wrist with your right thumb.


is the marma point on the little finger. Eases anxiety and palpitations Emotional Stabiliser

Return to applying the oil to your middle finger as you hold the little finger with your thumb and gently massage your middle finger onto the little finger directly behind the finger nail. Do both little fingers

Cup of Herbal Tea

Good to complete this Anxiety Marma Point Ritual with a cup of herbal tea or a glass of water at room temperature and not cold water. Do give yourself some spacious time after doing this protocol. If you can go for a relaxing walk and get some sky juice this will anchor the experience even deeper in your being.

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