Summer Solstice Gratitude Poems

There is a long tradition going back endless centuries in Finland where this day is celebrated with great joy and gratitude.

HAPPINESS – Its in Our Nature

This is the “mantra” sound byte that surrounds the marketing of Finland.
No they did not hire me to write this

One of the blessings Finland has granted me is that of making me more receptive to the communication that is very alive in her forest, lakes, rocks, birds and the core of her nature.
Well aware that how I am writing about this is non scientific be that as it may, nevertheless certain poems arose from my daily walks in the forest.

These poems are a few from my forthcoming book Finnish Moments

I share them here with you as we celebrate Summer Solstice

Forest Royalty

There he stood in his court
Boundaries ever present
Fallen logs in place 
Creating his court

Guardian Princess in the North
Signalling her role
Guardian Prince in the East
All outside his court

Some days visiting is taboo
Do obey
As obedience has its blessings
Also its guidance

Grace and smoothness 
Is bestowed 
As receptive listening and revealing signs
Brings its rewards

O Royal Tree
Thanks for granting me
Eyes to see you
Feeling your ever present encompassing my aura
Those Roots
Such sanctity they bring
Such ease of being
Seeing them, feeling them 
Hearing them as thump happens

When my boots walk on them
Reassuring me that I am safe
I am connected
I am rooted

What a blessings you Roots are to my life.
Singing Moon Praises
Singing Moon Praises

There she sat this Golden Orb of Light
As birds, branches, leaves and gentle wind
Kept singing praises to her
This April moon is thanked for raising their sap
Bringing beauty and light after that long Winter

Then a Crow would have to announce its dominance of space
Yet the symphony of beauty and elegance kept filling the space
As reverence was evoked in this gestalt moment
Singing Moon Praises dominated that dawn.
Oh how receptive nature is to the Moon
As she sits there on her throne in space

Praises and gratitude are obviously present!
Autumn Goodbyes

Autumn Leaves saying goodbye
As Mother Nature calls her beings home
Yet can’t leave without enchanting colours
Sparkle the eyes

The closing of another season
Nostalgic radiances abounds in the space
Heart spaces are tugged by loved ones
Memories, smells, sounds all arise

As those goodbye leaves remind us
Of yesteryear goodbyes
Longings and missing ever present in the space
Autumn Goodbye and its imposing presence.

Thank You for reading and celebrating this Summer Solstice with me.

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