Marma Points for Self Care

Some women asked if I had a Marma Point Protocol for Beauty after I posted Self Care with Marma Point for Anxiety and Emotions.


Here it is

Beauty is Radiance that flows from within, it carries Oxytocins, and that feel good factor that amplifies the magnetism of the woman.

This Marma Points Beauty Protocol sequence augments the Magnetic field of a woman

Sacred Space
Radiance blossoms like Summer Flowers

What is needed to create that Radiance, that glow and luminosity?

Step One

Let go of all those judgements and self criticisms.
Stop beating yourself up with all those limiting beliefs about yourself.

Let go of all those limiting beliefs & judgements

I need to share this Beauty Protocol at two levels. Those who have the Young Living Oils, will experience it in the Quantum Field plugged into the trees, nature and its radiance.

The oils needed for this protocol are firstly, Progessence Plus. This brings balance to the hormonal system as you rub the oil along the throat chakra.

Progessence Plus

The other oil is Release, which does what it says. Releases blockages and tensions that disconnects you from your core essence.


Those who do not have these oils will, of course, get many benefits but not at that quantum field level which occurs with the oils.

Some people have asked me where can I get the oils. Here is a link to do just that


All the Marma Point Charts in this blog are from my Self-Care Manual For A Vibrant, Youthful Feeling & Appearanceā€¦Spa Massage for Shoulders Neck & Face

Step Two

Begin by massaging your ears with the Release oil. In doing this, you are giving notice to all the systems in your body to be receptive as to what is coming.

Step Three

Turn the bottle of Release onto your right thumb so you get a touch of the oil on your thumb. You then rest your right thumb on your navel with a gentle circular movement for one minute. Leave your right thumb there for another 2 to 3 minutes as you give yourself permission to let go of all of that tension in your being.

Allow your breathing to occur from your tummy.
Some of this may bring a burst of energy to your being. For some, tears may occur, these can be tears of joy. A coming home to yourself. Or they can be tears of pain and the release of traumas and upsets. Let it flow if any of that arises.

Step Four

Go to KAPALA, where the forehead meets the hairline in the centre line of the face. Onto your middle finger turn the bottle of Release oil
Give yourself permission to feel the point with a conscious touch and soft breathing. Continue that letting go quality in yourself. This is an inside job connected to your mind.

Marma points on the face

Step Five

Shankha is located in the region of the temples, bilaterally.
You now go to your temples with your middle fingers and some Release oil.
Allow your jaw to relax as you let go your shoulders. Give a firm yet gentle pressure massage on Shankha for at least a minute. Feel that ease and spaciousness arising in your being.

Step Six


Located on the side of the face where the masseter jaw muscle allows us to open our mouth. It is that hinge point. Move your middle fingers to KAPOLA MADHYA as you allow a slight opening of your mouth as you massage this point. Do use a firmer pressure on this point. Give yourself permission for your breathing to deepen.

Kapola Madhya is the point on the jaw

Step Seven


This is the 3rd eye point. Just up a finger width from the middle point of the eyebrows directly above the nose. We are now coming home to feeling that radiance spreading across our face as we continue to use Release oil on our middle finger as we massage AJNA.

Step Eight


A bilateral point on either side of the eyes, where there is a depression on the outside of the eye bones. As you ease tension out of APANGA feel a release also in your jaw and belly and a burst of radiance coming to your eyes.

Marma points on the face
APANGA outer corner of the eyes

Step Nine


At the mid point between the two eyebrows, at the top of the nose just below AJNA the third eye point A marma point that calms emotional upsets

Marma points on the face
Nasa Mula at the top of the Nose

Step Ten


The mid point of the nose where the nose bone ends and meets the nasal cartilage. A marma point that eases anger and aggression. It is linked to the solar plexus chakra. Use both middle fingers on this point with Release for about two minutes.

Step Eleven


This point is located at the tip of the nose linked to the sacral chakra. It can assist with nosebleeds

Step Twelve


The point is located either side at the tip of the nostrils. Applying oil and massaging here supports respiration enhances complexion,boosts energy levels and relaxes facial muscles.


You have completed your Beauty Self Care sequence with Marma Points.

Wonderful if you can take a walk outside for at least fifteen minutes to get some Sky Juice without any digital devices impacting you. Just you with your feet on the ground and sky above as you celebrate your Radiance and Beauty.

Thanks for participating and engaging with the Marma Points.

Rex Lassalle

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