Self-Care Manual For A Vibrant, Youthful Feeling & Appearance

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This Self-Care manual has tips and guidance for revitalizing your body and mind. 

This is a user’s guide for creating well-being and joy in your daily life. 
You will discover how to address & remedy:

Anxiety & Panic Attacks, Sleep issues, Learning disorders, Headaches 

PLUS  Enjoy having relaxed shoulders & a relaxed, supple neck.

This is your easy to use Self Support tool where you get my carefully chosen Marma points for many wellbeing challenges.  They are very relevant for modern day stresses and anxieties. A truly simple and gentle method of restoring ease and comfort from the stressful demands of life, that I have used successfully with my clients. It can be used at home by anyone.

What about discovering more about Rex Lassalle’s healing journey?


The Self-Care Manual has 52 pages.

You will find these Chapters:

  • Introduction.
  • Chapter 1 The Spa’s Relevance in Modern Life.
  • Chapter 2 How to Look after Yourself.
  • Chapter 3 Facial Self Massage.
  • Chapter 4 Spa Massage for Shoulder, Neck & Face.
  • 4 Pages of Marma Point Charts.



1 review for Self-Care Manual For A Vibrant, Youthful Feeling & Appearance

  1. 5 out of 5


    If you areva massage therapist or wanting to become one, this is the book you must read page by page, it has everything you need to know from how to take care of your self to how you take care of your clients its a personal touch from Rex Lassalle, and how he does his cutting edge of therapy. As a therapist myself I highly recommend this book. It has changed the way I look at doing “just a massage” its deep.
    Go for it!

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Self-care manual - Rex Lassalle
Self-Care Manual For A Vibrant, Youthful Feeling & Appearance
Rex Lassalle