Biography: Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME


Audio Book: 7 hours & 20 minutes spoken by Rex Lassalle

In this audio book I share about my unusual life story.




In Rex Lassalle’s Biography he shares his life story:

From my childhood in Belmont Trinidad where I was not aware at the time that my parents though Western Educated and holding senior civil service positions in the society were engaging with life from an Indigenous mind set. It is only in the last 25 years I have started to become conscious of this.

Trinidad Mutiny

From that neighbour friendly Belmont environment to Sandhurst Military Academy was a cultural shock of immense proportions. Mutiny, was my response to the Neo Colonial impositions that was expected of the Army. A Court Martial and prison was the outcome from leading a revolt in the Army. Prison was a 27 month sojourn, 9 months of it was in Solitary Confinement. To a mindboggling experience of seeing blood pour on to my white T Shirt in the prison yard. This was a clear sign to the soldiers that we were leaving prison within 24 hours. Yes, I was released after that bloodletting episode.

Discovering Imprints from my Mother

A new venture then began as I left Trinidad to find a way of recreating a new life. Yet the bloodletting when I was not injured remained a constant shadow with endless questions, which did get answered as the decades rolled by. Basically I immersed myself for more than four decades into Japanese healing arts and cultural habits (Shiatsu, Nine Star Ki astrology, Aikido, Zazen).

Japanese Influences

Many people ask me how come you have this expertise in all these Japanese healing and cultural expressions, yet you are from the Caribbean. In this biographical Audio book, you will find the answers there.
This is a very intimate biography about my life and how it unfolded and the different influences and experiences in my life

The following chapters has details about his life journey:

  1. What Is The Alchemy Of Time.
  2. Rex Lassalle – The Alchemy Of Time.
  3. The Foundation – My Parents.
  4. Soft And Hard Of My Parents.
  5. Painters On My Canvas 1.
  6. Painters On My Canvas 2.
  7. Dying And The Signs.
  8. How Come Japan?
  9. Magical Moments 1.
  10. Magical Moments 2.
  11. Magical Moments 3

Alchemy of TIME

We all have moments when coincidences occur in our life, especially in crucial periods of transition. Yet for most of us we dismiss it as “just a coincidence” with no relevance to our life’s path and career journey. Having an awareness of your Time of  birth and the elemental forces that surrounded it has imprints that can open new levels of guidance to you and your life. This is the Alchemy of TIME which I am addressing.

How about discovering your personal link to The Alchemy of TIME?


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Rex Lassalle's Biography. The alchemy of time
Biography: Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME
Rex Lassalle