Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME (Combo set including PDF and audio books)


This book is a self-care guide giving readers clear insights with practical suggestions to have them connect and nourish their core emotional needs. Also should past traumas be there in your experience. It gives guidelines with ways that often involve nature and the elements in restoring that emotional balance for the person.


PDF book

Pages 93


  • Dedication.
  • Acknowledgements.
  • Chapter 1. Where does The Alchemy of TIME come from?
  • Chapter 2. Who is Rex Lassalle?
  • Chapter 3. How to identify your Child Star.
  • Chapter 4. What are the characteristics of your Child Star.
  • Chapter 5. The Eight Pillars of Emotional Nourishment.
  • Chapter 6. TIME to Restore Your Emotional Well-being.
  • Chapter 7. Pregnant Women & Baby Bonding.
  • Chapter 8. Child rearing & its many aspects.
  • Appendix

Audio book


  1. What Is The Alchemy Of Time.
  2. Rex Lassalle – The Alchemy Of Time.
  3. The Foundation – My Parents.
  4. Soft And Hard Of My Parents.
  5. Painters On My Canvas 1.
  6. Painters On My Canvas 2.
  7. Dying And The Signs.
  8. How Come Japan?
  9. Magical Moments 1.
  10. Magical Moments 2.
  11. Magical Moments 3.

You can hear some excerpts here.


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