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This excerpt is about the impact that the Alchemy of TIME has had on my life and the curiosity of many students and clients as to “where does that come from, where does it exist?”

Time as we know it

Mutiny & Blood
This excerpt is what I experienced the day before I was released from prison, not knowing when that day would be. Yet when blood came from my chest the soldiers knew that we would be released the next day.

This excerpt is about it being “just coincidences” and how much we miss when we opt out of time to put that label on “our coincidences” That is viewing TIME as separate from us plus it is a very limited view about TIME in our lives. Where we are only seeing the Tip of the Iceberg.

Some shift will start occurring for You

And at times what is this about, misunderstandings with family members. The foundation of my life.

My father’s pronouncement about what the sign of a hawk flying over our home at midnight on Old Year’s night of 1969 meant for the family and the pinpoint accuracy of his accuracy as to what then unfolded.

This excerpt is about the experience I had when I was in my Army Officer’s Uniform and my mother decided it was time that she plaited my hair in cane row for the first time in my life after I had lunch and the orders, she then gave me.

Speak about honoring.

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  1. So beautiful to hear your voice. I shall look forward to getting the whole book
    Not sure how I do that Rex , but I am sure you will let me know xmarilyn ❤️❤️❤️


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