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Your Self Care Calm Mind Blend from Young Living Oils

For more than 13 years I have explored my own way of working with the Young Living Oils.
This is very much outside the Fix It model.
Those publications that tell you this is “Good for this ailment, it fixes that”
I always found them to have a denigrating attitude to these Essential Oils. As there is a vast Quantum Field that they carry which are denied from those limiting narratives.


Why Calm Mind Blend?

Because when we are out there in the world, with the hustle and bustle of urban environments. The wifi atmosphere that now surrounds our lives especially in big cities. Such environments do leave us dented from just being there or going there.
As a lost of focus surrounds our energy field, yet we have not done anything to create this, but the hype endless ads the hustle all shakes our energy field.

Our To Do List meets the WIFI Space

Feelings of vulnerability surround us, yet we are in a very familiar location. We travel there daily.
As that to do list just seems all foggy; priorities though highlighted seem all gooey.
Then what kicks in is a response of “getting a grip” on it.
Calm mind is now nowhere to be found and words about concentration and responsibility enters our chatter but all in a state of flux.
Concentration seem a long lost memory.

How to make the Calm Mind Blend?

Very simple
You need one 5ml bottle of Nutmeg Essential Oil and one 5 ml bottle of Caraway Essential Oil.

You pour these two 5ml bottles of Nutmeg and Caraway Essential oil into a clean empty 15ml YL EO bottle. Finally you get a bottle of organic non toasted Sesame Oil. You then top up those 2 oils with 5 ml of Organic Sesame Oil.
Seal the bottle with the plastic dropper top, screw the cover on. Shake this 15 ml blend of oils for some 5 mins.

You now have your Calm Mind blend of oils.
Open the bottle and take a sniff of that fragrance.
Yes it is very soothing to the mind, creating an open space in your heart.

How to Use your Selfcare for Calm Mind blend of Young Living Oils?

Many ways are available, just sniffing it as you relax your shoulders and give your belly button a sense of space as you do that will bring a wave of Calmness to your being.

Then there are Marma Points

marma points for reducing electromagnetic stress

I will share how to use this Calm Mind Blend on Your Marma Points in my next blog. In the meanwhile take a look at these; Then here is one I did some years ago

My book Self Care Book Spa Massage for Shoulders Neck and Face takes you deep into Marma points and how to use them with many charts and Self Care photos. The charts I display are all in this book. Enjoy your Calm Mind with Marma Points…Rex

Self-care manual - Rex Lassalle

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