Planet Fitness with 4 Wood Child Star

From June 6th 2023 until July 7th 2023

We will be under the Cosmic influence of the 4 Wood Child Star.
Obviously, for most of us we are under the influence of our cell phone and that is where our Relatedness to life resides

No judgement about that as then I will be caught with some antagonism to how it is out there in the world. Just me accepting things as they are…Obliquely!

If I may suggest, adopting that attitude as a principle in life. It is a worthwhile attitude to cultivate. It gives you options as to how you engage with things rather than be bouncing your head against a brick wall. There is much deeper guidance about the 4 Wood Child Star in my E Book Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME

Your emotions and The alchemy of time
It is now available in 4 languages

In this 4 Wood Child Star month this is a very appropriate attitude to adopt as it is a time of the Wind energy that movement of wind to leaf. Things move quickly and engaging with the month like that allows some initiative to come from outside sources as you remain centred allowing that oblique way of engaging with what is occurring to create new discoveries for you.

It is summer time for countries north of the Equator, hence foods that have a cooling influence is a wise choice. That does not mean having frozen or ice cold items…steamed green leafy vegetables. Eating foods cooked in that way is advisable as the steam…the warm wind is cooking the food. Obviously do not take that to extremes as then you will no longer be engaging with your meals obliquely. You would have lost that wise approach and be in your head with some extreme attitude around your meal time.

Just right for 4 Wood Child Star month

Here are some approaches to cultivate this 4 Wood Child Star month;

Keep a diary or journal for those moments when another insight or sense of presence comes to you as you look back at your day.

Look after your gall bladder, limit your intake of fatty foods especially late at night. Limit your intake of alcohol, mustard, eggs and spicy foods.

Your Gall Bladder & the 4 Wood Star do have a relatedness

Chewing some fennel seeds after a meal will be supportive to your gallbladder.
The 4 Wood Child Star has a lot to do with the Gall Bladder and decision making. Foods that support the Gall Bladder would bring guidance with your decision making. Those who seek a herbal preparation may find having a cup of dandelion root coffee after a meal to be most helpful as well as cilantro tea.

Your cup of Cilantro tea

Alleviating frustrations and discontent is another key in navigating our journey in this 4 Wood Child Star month.

Avoid such frustration in your daily life

Not to forget a subtle aspect of the dynamics of this 4 Wood Star energy this month is that of being conscious of our breathing especially as we sit there at our computer riveted as to what is engaging our mind. This gives a gentle massage to our gall bladder and liver which keeps the energy in a flow.

Let’s enjoy this 4 Wood Child Star month and the graces it brings us.

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  1. Thank you Rex amazingly I have been drawn to the delicious taste of dandelion coffee. Our bodies knows when we get out the way.. and perhaps give ‘ goooogling google a holiday .


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