My name is Rex Lassalle I was born in Trinidad back in the mid 1940’s
I grew up in a home that carried a matriarchal dominant mindset.
Those words were never said to me as a child.

As I look back over the decades both my parents carried a presiding Indigenous DNA in their being linked to the First Nation peoples of the Americas.
Incidentally they were both senior Civil Servants.
That aspect of modern education of speaking and writing the Queen’s English was all integrated in their persona.

My mother with a direct line to the Cosmos

There was a level of knowledge that they carried that I have not experienced anywhere else which carried a 100% accuracy with reading the signs that appeared in the environment.
Be that a bird flying into our home or seeing certain behavioural mannerisms of a dog. Announcements were made with what was forthcoming from observing such moments. It was always a carbon copy of what would manifest within 24 hours.


After my historical moment in Trinidad where I led a mutiny and was imprisoned.
I moved on from that world and ventured into the world of holistic health care in Europe. I studied Massage at the Swedish School of Physical Culture in Dublin, studied Acupuncture and Homeopathy with the late Prof. Malcolm Stemp in Newton Abbott Devon. Followed the Macrobiotic lifestyle and became a counsellor in it and also taught Shiatsu at the East West Centre London.

Teaching in Helsinki Be Easy Sotai 2022

Over almost five decades in the field of Holistic Health as a teacher and practitioner. There has been an experience that shifted my whole approach to healing. When I saw the transformative experience that one of my students had which changed her biological condition through devotions to a female deity. Another door of consciousness opened in my being that has continued over those many decades.
I spoke about it in my Autobiographical Audio Book Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME

I am well aware that at times the “Fix It” mechanisms that has been offered to you or that you have started to try. They often come with other experiences that you did not cater for; such as cracked finger nails, clumps of hair falling out, zombie experiences when awake.

Woman in depression with gloomy thoughts in speech bubble

I can assure you that there are other approaches to embrace this transition that nourishes you and opens pathways to a new Relatedness to the Divine Feminine. As the transition does take a woman to a Post Menopausal experience where other gifts and symbols awaits the woman.
These would have occurred through dreams, realisations and messages that her body and mind would have given her in that process. Providing that Allowing is very present in this process rather than the fixing.
Embracing such a path dissolves questions like “what is my sense of purpose in life now?”

Opening New Possibilities
Here is a poem I wrote this morning which says it all.


Menopause is a Cosmic experience.
Approval and social needs surround it
Yet no trigger resides there.

Conditioned and expected to fit in
Be accepted is all part of the social milieu 
Understandably so
Listening to the social milieu and its patriarchal dominance
Of social mores means fitting in is the given

Yet Moon is the Cosmic force at the back of it
Impact on water and blood forever present
Cosmic beat began with that first transition 
Cosmic beat returns to close the fertile curtain

A Cosmic return
As Cosmic drift holds the signature
Not science nor any of those patriarchal measuring tools
As Cosmos hints to create a deeper relatedness                                                                                                                                                                         

Where measured time controls
Drifts into the background
And the Being of TIME is embraced
That TIME beyond your to do list.

What then occurs
Woman returns to smelling the earth
Returning home to that smell
Raptures the menopause dance
Returning home to a joyous acceptance.

Join me on Wednesday evening June 7 th at where I will share more about this Cosmic Ceremony and cultivating that Relatedness.


  1. Looking forward to this event Rex and the programme that will follow. Thanks to your care and support, my menopause journey has been one of breaking free from old constraints. Always more to unravel but gentle reminders along the way have been both touching and transformative. Yes, for sure we are so much more than our physical structures.. time to look up and remember the sky, the stars and feel the pulse of connection that has never left us.


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