Release & Its Blessings

Release & its Blessings

Feelings Kit Ritual Day 16

Oftentimes when we reflect on our well being and health matters, we think of releasing anger, rage and frustration from our system. Obviously this is very true and does make a difference to our emotional and mental wellbeing. We forget though that we are often holding on to an inner chatter that no longer serves us.

Inner Chatter that sabotages our wellbeing

Not good enough and self-esteem issues are obvious ones that comes to mind. Such chatter can take us into addictions and dysfunctional behaviour. Where self sabotage becomes the norm.
Yet at the root of all of it, is a seed of insecurity. Seeking compensation with its many variations becomes the chatter that dominates the persons mind.

Self Esteem issues – never looking inside

Release gives you that possibility. Without that deep release frustration grows. It feeds into upsets and then explosive moments of rage and anger do occur. Or fear becomes present and a strategy is then put in place to protect oneself from that fear. Where doubts and insecurities keep feeding it.

Time to plant a new narrative seed!

Time to plant a new seed

Using Release oil blend prepares the ground for new narratives to unfold. It is most helpful to explore what those insecurities are. Be it issues around fear of self, whatever it maybe for you. Do have a dialogue about what that is, when you are doing the Release ritual within the Feelings Kit Ritual. You will find it supportive to release those thoughts and its many chattering variations. This is another tip to support new narratives unfolding for you as you do the Feelings Kit Ritual.

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