Inner Child Returns

What a Revelation

Feelings Kit Ritual Day 17

Last night as I was doing the Ritual I connected with a very specific time when I was going to school. I was about 10 years at the time. I had this habit of running very fast where no one in the school yard could catch me. By the way a lot of details about my personal life that I have shared over the last 16 days are in my autobiographical audio book. Rex Lassalle & The Alchemcy of TIME. You can get it here

Turn to the direction of birth

South is where Red number nine Rest

At times running in the school yard I would fall ending up with bloody knees. This often required for me to go to the accident & emergency department of the General hospital. Meanwhile when I came to do the Inner Child aspect of the Ritual last night. I focused on seeing myself playing in that schoolyard. With that in mind, I turned the bottle of Inner Child onto my right thumb. Which, I then put it onto the roof of my mouth and gently sucked on it as I took 9 slow steps backwards.

Turned to Trinidad with final step

Turned to place of birth

Surprisingly, when I awoke this morning, within twenty minutes. I had one of those coincidental moments that spoke volumes to me. Thereupon an answer to a new symbol which kept showing up recently. This morning I had a body impact experience that firmly anchored it. By the way I had no questions about that period of my childhood. Yet, interestingly a koan was answered when there was no question. Although that sounds ridiculous, nevertheless, that is the potential impact that the Feelings Kit Ritual can have on your life. Do turn on that 9th step to the direction of where in the world you were born. If you are in the country where you were born turn to the direction of where that clinic was. Acknowledging that direction can allow profound insights to travel along your DNA to empower your being.

Be Blessed

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