January 2024

Your Decluttering 6 Metal Child Star Month

6 Metal Child Month January 6 to February 3 2024

The essence of this month is Minimalism in all domains of your life.
That aspect of letting go what no longer serves you. One can even say like Marie Kondo;

“Let go of things that no longer bring you joy.”

What is most interesting about the biological link to this Star is the Colon. The functioning of letting go to have more space.

o to have more space.

Goals and dreams for the year ahead.

Looking for our dreams & goals

This is a time of year when this becomes our focus.
Whatever those considerations are, before you anchor them by writing it in ink. Engage with decluttering your space; where you live, where you sleep, where you work, where you shower and bathe. Those goals and intentions will become sharper for you. Joy will occur for you as you declutter your space. Words will arise that are congruent to the essence of who you are and what you wish to receive this year. Give it space to manifest

Who are some 6 Metal Child Star personalities?

Vanessa Redgrave

Vanessa has continually stood for her social and ethical positions and is quite outspoken about them.

Dag Hammarskjold

Dag was the Secretary General of the UN. He was assassinated in his attempt to defuse a political situation in Africa when the Democratic Republic of the Congo gained independence.

Billie Holiday

Billie Holiday who in spite of her addiction and emotional challenges was uncompromising about social justice and racism in America. As she sang her signature song Strange Fruit.

Carl Jung

Carl Jung writings are really about creating more space in your being as you connect and make friends with your psyche

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Now that you know what your Child Star is.

9 Star Ki Foundation Mandala the 5 Earth Star

This 5 Earth Star is the foundation mandala for all the other element Stars mandalas.
When I write in this 6 Metal Star month, your 1 Water Child Star is in the 9 Fire House. This 5 Earth Star Mandala is the one that indicates which house that 1 Water Child Star is occupying this month which is the 9 Fire house where number 9 rest.

Those having a 1 Water Child Star your 1 Water Child Star is in the 9 Fire House. A time of action where certain emotional experiences may arise. Maintain that theme of minimalism. That attitude will give your emotional being some space along with simplifying emotional responses. Should you find that certain situations are triggering anxiety levels. Step back and allow less be more for you in this period.

For the 2 Earth Child Star personalities, your 2 Earth Child Star is in the 1 Water house. Your bedroom is the key to granting you a smooth month. Less is more in your bedroom. No clutter, for sure no electronic devices. Pay attention to your dreams and the insights that they grant you this month. Do give your mind and body the sleep it needs this month.

Those with the 3 Wood Child Star, you are sitting in the 2 Earth house this month. Be kind to your stomach, sit when eating rather than eat in a rush; worst of all standing up or hustling to an appointment. Grant yourself an enjoyable breakfast where it is a mini ceremony filled with gratitude and appreciation. Your stomach will surely give you smiles with many Oxytocin moments.

Those with the 4 Wood Child Star, this Child Star is sitting in the 3 Wood house this month. A time of new beginnings, a stirring of your heart space can occur this month. Be that with some new interest or hobby. Can also be in your relationship domain where new interest with your partner arise. Be kind to your Liver, move your limbs, stretch your body. Give yourself permission to dance. Particularly avoid late night dinners.

Those having the 6 Metal Child Star, your Child Star this month is sitting in the 5 Earth house. This is a month for maintaining emotional stability. In addition pace yourself rather than make radical decisions. Step by step will serve you well this month. Regular meal times as you maintain simple routines, will bring a smoothness to your life.

Those having the 7 Metal Child Star, your Child Star is in the 6 Metal house this month. Peace of Mind is what this month is asking of you, when it comes to your decision making and choices. Be adamant of getting rid of clutter in your environment. Regular bowel movements will grant you a sense of spaciousness and ease with your decision making.

Those with the 8 Earth Child Star, it is an emotional harvesting month for you. Things that you longed for can blossom for you this month. Some patience may be asked of you as you sense and see the signs showing that a ripening is on its way to you. A simple ritual of gratitude will amplify the harvest. Especially when you are generous and give away things that you no longer use, need or have the time to do. Make time for skin brushing along with sky juice walks. Where you experience nature’s fresh air nourishing your lungs.

Those with the 9 Fire Child Star, your Child Star is in the 8 Earth house a time of caution, where impulse choices are best avoided. While at the same time asking questions and see clarity with your decision making. Be the observer in your changing environment. Yet maintain routine and focus with what you do. Giving your arms and legs a good daily shake will stir your motivation to manage your responsibilities efficiently.

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