Finnish Moments Poem


Got to know her 
Walking to my first 
Public Zazen morning 
In April 

There she was walking towards me 
Tail up 
Head up with her strut 
All aimed at my ankle 

Down I reached stroking her 
Yet after me she ran 
As I walked along 
Inviting me to her Zen morning 

Late invitation was left open 
For when I returned 
Later that morning 
She was running towards me 

Tail up 
Head up with her strut 
All aimed at my ankles 
Sound accompanied her greetings 

Such purring sounds 
Befriended her graceful movements 
As her charm offensive deepened 
Leaving me in awe 

Persistent was her plea 
Chasing me as I crossed the road 
Stopped once more to greet her 
As she ran into my Zafu bag 

A shock! a rejection 
Not intended 
Yet off she scooted 
Back to her greeting zone 

Rejection stained memory 
Never to be seen again

Here is the audio file of the poem Zen Cat

Finnish Moments Testimonials

! I am pleasantly surprised by the Testimonials that some people have given me about them.
Dear Rex,
Very touching poems! the emotion vibrates in your words,
and the tone of your voice is modulated by your heart, wide open to nature’s messages.
Greg’s music sets a lovely mood.
Keep on walking, all your senses awake
I.L. France

There is something that happens when I hear you read your poetry, Rex, that seems akin to a transmission. I would name the experience, ” A call back to ourselves and the earth.” There is a soothing, a smoothing and above all this sense of mysterious connection that comes through your voice. Be it ancestral or the stillness cultivated in your practices now amplified by nature, whatever, ~ it is powerful and needed in these challenging times.

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