Emotional Guidance for December 2023!

Is that possible in this chaotic world?

How To BE?

Well we all have a Child Star from our birth month and this month is a 7 Metal Child Star Month

Would You like to know your Child Star?

Here is a link to my book Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME that you can purchase which will tell you many things about your Child Star needs. It is also available in French, German and Italian.

Your Child Star is your source of Emotional Support in your life; directly linked to your subconscious mind.

People carrying this Child Star when in the groove with what they are doing or expressing have a tendency to touch us deeply with their manner, portrayal and expression. I leave it to you to question my assertions when I mention a few 7 Metal Child Star icons who have touched our lives in many ways. There is Aretha Franklin her voice and where she takes us when she sings. Frank Sinatra the master of phrasing and his exqusite manner of expressing these feelings in his lyrics. Marvin Gaye and so is Marlon Brando. At the core of what they did, there was always that capacity to stir us emotionally. At times with some of their words or graces…ripples occur on our skin.

Let’s connect with a 7 Metal Child Star Expression

Here is Marvin Gaye doing his thing

Rex, I got it about the 7 Metal Child Star and the touching qualities that are very present with them. But what about us who are not?

7 Metal Child Star Guidance 3 Tips for all of Us!


First Tip:

Skin Brush Everyday

When we skin brush daily we are giving ourselves Oxytocin Blessings where the Feel Good quality rises in our being.

Second Tip

Get Sky Juice Everyday in this 7 Metal Child Star Month

Feel That Space & Openness around You

When you do this you will feel an emoptional support of Space as you interact with people. This will extend into giving you a sense of more space in your listening.

Third Tip

Have Ginger Tea as a regular item in your day. Your circulation will benefit as well as your Respiratory and Digestive systems. When you feel more at ease with your body systems, an emotional smoothness will be part of who you are. Make time to sip your Ginger Tea this 7 Metal Child Star month.

Your Ginger Tea is waiting for You!…Enjoy

Let’s be gentle with ourselves as we seek to embrace the New Year of 2024 with new expectations. Let those expectations bring that sense of ease to our being. At times our Expectations have not been ripened by life and patience is asked of us.

Here is one of my poems that speaks to Expectations

Expectations & Self Acceptance

All these Expectations
Where is Self Acceptance
Can I not allow that some circumstances 
Are how they are in my life?

Can I not bring a kind heart
With gratitude for what I have
And bless what is ripening
Maybe not right now

Yet with my kind heart and sincere wishes
Give life its moments to speak its truth. 

Happy New Year!

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