November Guidance with 8 Earth Star

From November 8th to December 8th 2023 we are experiencing the charm of the 8 Earth Child Star.

There is a quality with its energy which hints at saving and accumulating for the winter. That observer quality is very present in the atmosphere. There is a swing away from the razzmatazz of the 9 Fire Star month of October to a more reflective and less impulsive energy that becomes present with this 8 Earth Child Star month.

From a biological perspective the organ that it impacts is the Spleen. As our lymphatic system this month needs being stimulated rather than being caught in stagnation.

As it is winter in the Northern Hemisphere

Winter Darkness Surrounds Us

The nights are longer…hence a pervasive darkness surrounds us. Yet shaking our bodies, bouncing on a Rebounder, doing a morning Skin Brush will all add to us being in sync with the 8 Earth Child Star.

Here is the key hint about this 8 Earth Child Star month;

Below the surface of our digestive process new insights and hints of other ways of manifesting ourselves in the world are bubbling away.

This is a dominant theme with the 8 Earth Child Star. We see it with world icons. Where they kept reinventing themselves.

There is Betty Middler; who has worn many different hats in her life;  singer, actress, comedian and author.

Mia Farrow, actress, mother, activist

Claudia Schiffer, model, actress, fitness guru, calendar producer.

Richard Gere, actor, activist, Buddhist practitioner, author.

Bob Dylan, singer, song writer, author, artist. Dylan has explored numerous genres of musical expression

Brooke Shields, actress, model, academic.

Miles Davis and the endless changes he made to modern music along with painting.

Below the surface of our digestive process new insights and hints of other ways of manifesting ourselves in the world are bubbling away.

This is the core theme of this 8 Earth Child Star month.

The 8 Earth Child Star brings its own vibe into the space of our social history.

Rex…what are you talking about. How can you say this?

I am not saying this, I am observing this.
Check it out;

When did the First World War end? November 11th 1918 an 8 Earth Child Star month

Ending of First World War

When did the United States end its involvement in the Vietnam war? On Nov 11th 1972, when they handed over their Long Binh base to the South Vietnamese.

When was the largest protest against the Vietnam war in America?

On November 15 1969 when more than two hundred and fifty thousand people gathered in Washington D.C. to demand its end.

When were twenty four Nazi leaders put on war trials at Nuremberg?

November 20th 1945

When did construction of the first presidential library in America begin?

This was on November 19, 1939 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt laid the cornerstone next to his home in Hyde Park, New York.

This last action is clearly hinting that study and research are an inherent energy of this month.

We can observe that “moving on” from what was previously so tends to occur. At least demands are in the space of 8 Earth Child Star months to close off things and start a new venture.

Seeds of Transformation are in the air!

A shift away from stagnation and a moving of the lymph system in the social environment is present…at least it is quite accessible.

What about me?

What can I do to make a difference to get aligned with this energy?

Look at where you feel stuck in life?

Could it be this?

Rather than accept this is written in stone and will never change.
Knock on that door of change within yourself to seek new possibilities.
Put it to your subconscious mind just before bedtime and observe what dreams occur or those coincidences in the next 3 days. Doorways from your “stuckness” will be granted to you.
Research, study, go deeper with your interest. Such hints and impulses are very present in an 8 Earth Child Star months for all of us.

This is the charm of the 8 Earth Child Star.

Let’s embrace it and create a new relatedness to it.

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Rex Lassalle