Shinto Maiden Marie Kondo

She has inspired us with her approach to tidying often transcribed as Decluttering.

She states very clearly

My method is partly inspired by the Shinto religion. Cleaning and organising things properly can be a spiritual practice in Shintoism, which is concerned with the energy or divine spirit of things kami and the right way to live

Marie Kondo

She goes on to clearly state

“Treasure what you have and treat the objects you own as not disposable, but valuable, no matter their actual monetary worth. Create displays so you can value each individual object. These are all essential Shinto ways of living.

The Cornerstone of her method is


Create displays of each individual object that brings Joyful Value to you.

That sounds all wonderful, yet there is no mention of TIME in this approach.

As far as I have read Marie Kondo makes no mention of assigning a location for TIME in your decluttering ritual.


Yet, we all have to engage with TIME on a daily basis if we wish to remain efficiently productive and organised.

Your Joy which connects with the “Kami” of that object is the essence of her method

From what I have read, people who have engaged with her method.
There is a major challenge they face.



She creates this structure about engaging her potential clients, students with 4 week & 8 week challenges.

TIME becomes a challenge

What if the Tidying practitioner could find a location in their home for an object that they hold in the highest esteem. For sure that location will become a sanctuary of Joy for the devotee

For sure not a clock, watch or any time measuring device.

Marie Kondo is no stranger to communicating with the spirit of things. She spent five years as an attendant maiden at a Shinto Shrine. She was a Miko for five years. This clearly indicates that the spirit world and its experiences are part of her comfort zone. I sense she is yearning to share much more of that spirit world with her audience. The world of the KAMI


It is truly inspiring how Marie Kondo has motivated millions of people globally to approach their clutter and mess with a deeper message. Marie’s message is that within those items that are your clutter; “Kamis” are there which will bring you joy, do keep those.



Here is a poem which was inspired by her work that I wrote recently .


My forever occurring to do list
Is that what my life has become
Is my life only about that
As cluttering time takes over my life

TIME, “what is all this clutter that you create?”
No, I TIME do not create clutter
Your limited way of seeing me is creating clutter
“Oh but my to do list is there”

Yes, TIME hears you but that is your priority
You never got to meet me
You only see me with your clocks, watches
Now with all your sophisticated devices

Is that where I only exist?
Can I not be known and felt in other ways?
Can it be that I knock at your dream door?
But you never hear me

When you do, you call me coincidence
Then you abandon me
Like a programmed robot
Mesmerized by your to do list

Stuck in your head with your all knowing
Analytical mind giving you information
Seemingly allergic to knowledge
Obsessed with ambition

Information is all you know
TIME knowledge is lost
Not to be found in your ambition
Obsessed in a doing world

Setting goals, managing Time
Imagine that, you even speak about me
With such denigrating words
Time Management

How belittling your words
As if I am some native under your Colonial authority.
No I will not rise up to claim my independence.
I will leave you obsessed with your to do list

Frustrate you with your cluttering to do list
Mislead you with your mindless time management
That imperial need of control
Seemingly present as you see me on a clock face

You think you can manage that being called TIME
You believe clock face came before TIME
Clock face came before seasons
Oh how superficial is your so called thinking

TIME gave you your being
You replaced it with your doing
Pushed me away and made me only a clock face
All just a measurement

An entity designed to function as a doer
Designing my life from this dysfunctional place
Always behind and you then place me as your master
Designing your life

As if You can manage that being called TIME
When I gave you your being
You replaced me with your Doing
Then pushed me away
Just a footnote

That stranger who brings you coincidences
Who is crunching you to the bones.
Expecting to see me only in those places
Where I am measured

Only a measure of 24/7, is that it?
No hints from my Full Moons or changing seasons?
Could you not connect with me through your elements?
Not just your clock

If so then yes
Time Clutter will be what you will know
As, you never knew TIME


Thank You Marie Kondo for galvanising us to see our Clutter with new eyes.
You have awakened us to the spiritual quality of JOY that we can discover with our possessions from your Shinto guidance.

Marie Kondo Shinto Transformation

It is not surprising that after a near Nervous Breakdown JOY was the message that came to her. As her 9 Fire Child Star claimed its aliveness in her life. It awoke her not to suppress it. Yes this statement has Shinto roots.

In the Katori Shinto Ryu text dating back six hundred and thirty years, there is a text in it called KIGAKU which gives the elements associated with one’s birthday. How could this knowledge arise within a martial art tradition?


More than six hundred years ago in Japan there was a profound spiritual awareness that was present Death was a daily reality with martial arts practice and the way of the Samurai. TIME STRATEGY entered that conversation. This was something that leaders of clans, and armies studied. I will write about TIME STRATEGY as it is ever present in our lives. Do keep your eyes open for it. It This approach is widely known as the 9 Star Ki System. Marie Kondo being born October 9th 1984 gives her the adult star of the 7 Metal and the Child Star of 9 Fire. This text that I have just shown comes from my book Your Emotions & The Alchemy of TIME. For those who wish to discover what their personal Adult and Child Star is. They can get my 3 Free Chapters of the book here.


Her 9 Fire Child Star is about her emotional expression. She is very comfortable and at ease in front of the media and enrols people with her passion with inspiring elegance and dedication. By the way, there are some who have this 9 Fire Star as their Child and or Adult Star who operate with it as self-absorbed narcisstic individuals. Anyway, lets stay with the positive and uplifting expression of how she celebrates this with the Global society. She has transformed us with her 9 Fire insights of Joy. As you can well imagine, there is much more to her personality and her way of actualising herself which requires a separate blog.
Thank You

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  1. Shinto-The Looking Glass God,
    A book of that name, once given to me by my old friend Rex over 46 years ago. He who practices divine reflection with honesty must surely master the mirror of timelessness :Time, The magic length of GOD !
    Rex, your healing influence has never left me


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