It is now February 8th 2022 and is it only now you are writing about the New Year Rex?

Yes, true I am behind as this should have been posted just before February 4th.

What does February 4th have to do with the New Year?

In Asian societies February 4th is the beginning of Spring. As all countries north of the Equator that date is when the Sap of the Trees and herbs really start moving from the roots to the heavens.

For sure It started a wee bit at the end of the Winter Solstice December 22nd as the Sun began its slow move back to the North. That began as a Stirring of our Kidney energy which is very connected with our ancestral DNA.

From Feb 4th it starts stirring in our Liver and there is a much more rapid intensity of the Sap in the trees as it starts to RISE. This year we have the good fortune that New Moon was on February 1st which means that boost of the rising Sap is even more intense.


That Sap is where the Essential Oils come from. They are the Communication network for trees, herbs and plants. As Young Living Essential Oils can assist our cells in their communication with our organs and especially with our nervous system and brain. The spirit of the trees, herbs and spices are doing the same as it starts stirring for leaves to show and for seeds to start manifesting.
Our blood and chi is doing the same from our liver. The end point of the Liver meridian is at the Crown Chakra.


This is truly an excellent time to do the Feelings Kit Ritual as we are engaging our Chi with the Spirit of the Trees and this amplifies the impact of the Feelings Kit Ritual. This is because many of us are running on Emotional empty.


That was a “mantra” that came to me last year August when I was doing the Feelings Kit Ritual. I share the truth of that experience with the quote. “ALL OF OUR COMMUNICATION IS JUST TREES.’ This is the profound types of creative insights that can occur when doing the Feelings Kit Ritual for instance.

For sure this sounds very strange and far removed from our everyday reality. Communication comes from our cell phones and this is a have to MUST for many of us. Where it is a 24/7 communication with “Life”.
When you start looking at Life and how it is defined from the 24/7 perspective. You soon realise it has no connection with our cellular system or the Earth, hence no real emotional nourishment.

Defining our place on Earth as digitalised. That’s it, there is nothing else except my consumer needs that arise from that relationship. Any problems, I will find an answer on Google to Fix It. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?



How to do it is explained in the link above. This is the ultimate emotional healing guide that cover all the aspects of The Feelings Kit Ritual

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I will be starting this evening Tuesday February 8th to do it. Please join me as I will be posting commentaries about my experience and also sharing what experiences friends are having as they do it. Thanks for participating.

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  1. Great Rex I will join the party..I am especially delighted that from the beginning this ‘party’ has a bit of a rebellious attitude… It is LATE! I have been reflecting on how much of my life I have blamed myself for being late. This year, I am choosing to look at time in a different way. I am claiming it, as you have long advised, as my own! Instead of trying to be ON TIME, chasing and racing against it, I am aiming to be BE IN TIME. In my time.


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