The only way I could describe these last four days is one of being overwhelmed by the many Creative ideas that came to me that are relevant to my work, writing and interest. I sense the same is happening to many of you who are doing the Ritual as you journey through your days with the radiance and frequency of your feelings kit ritual as an empowering companion.

I call them Ritual Creative Seeds

They are Ritual as they came into my consciousness from doing the Ritual daily. The reality is that we are involved with a daily ceremony of connecting with our origins. These origins take us back to nature and the communication that occurs in nature from the birds, the insects, the flowers and the trees. These are really the sources of our communication. They are the ingredients that make up our communication soup. This view is all new to me and arose in the last four days. 


I am walking in the forest and then this wave of

“all of your communication is just trees”

That mantra rolled over me with a shock.


That is what you are telling me.

Never thought of it from that perspective.

Yet as I chewed on it and digested!

How very true

Thank You.

Think about it, the paper you write on come from the trees. Those invoices and bills that fill your files and filing cabinets are nothing but trees in a coffin. Let me be graphic without getting into any emotional position with what I am writing. That then starts a polarization where some are waving a flag and others are now against that flag. My writings and blogs have no such aim. Though the use of language to bring graphic symbolism to what is being shared is important and carries a deep truth that opens doors of creativity.

Another link from a not too distant past,


They were all about trees being part of that space in your home.

Being immersed with writing over the last five years. I realize why my father’s mother told me to start this ritual 17 days ago. You will discover Creative Seeds along the way as you do this ritual.

Anyway that was a Ritual Creative Seed in itself.


The next day when I was digesting this flash that happened – paper and clutter showed up. Yes those bits of paper and notepads and brainstorming to do list. Are now lying around in bags, files, scraps of paper and the majority of them have no future life. Clutter in your Space sabotages your communication with yourself and also with the world.


I am not suggesting that we become No Clutter Zealots. Yet if we look deeper at it there is truth in that statement. We are consciously putting a block on communication. This may come as a shock and bomb to many people. Most times at the core of clutter is trauma, emotional trauma at that.  As the intensity of the trauma ripens as the years go by, the clutter in their home or office amplifies into the world of hoarding. This is a symbolic statetement of resistance.

Nothing can be allowed to dissolve.

Letting go becomes the big challenge.

This takes on many complex social responses. Yes readers we are down the rabbit hole where masking that pain, becomes the go to factor. An intense competitive persona develops, well packaged, as it needs to get the merits of acknowledgement for their skills and prowess.

All of that is hiding a gigantic pain body that keeps presenting them with carrots to accomplish an elegant large mask to hide their pain body. 

Maybe some of my readers may know friends or family members where this truth shows up. By the way, let me be clear with readers. I am not writing these blogs to fix anyone, not at all. But, the awareness and consciousness to discern what is at times behind personal expressions can be a trigger for deep healing.

If the cap fits, then you can take it off if you wish, choice is yours.


This Ritual Creative Seed has surely grown in the last few days, a bit of sprouting is happening with that seed. Water is a fundamental need of trees; water is the element, which is the main ingredient with essential oils. This has taken me to who is the mother of these trees and for sure water is that one.

The vast canvas with its enormous horizon is the hinge that the Feelings Kit Ritual has given me to swing into that river and it allows me to nourish another key sense, hearing or more accurately Listening.

From the olfactory system of my brain that allows me to smell the ritual has extended its reach for me to be more receptive to sounds. Most certainly this has occurred especially in the last few days. I have listened to new bits of music for the first time. Yes the Mississippi and its flow of water does creates its ripples even in far off Finland. Here is one of the finest exponents of the http://Mississippi Delta Blues

http://John Lee Hooker doing a number with http://Carlos Santana. Hopefully the DJ got it right for all you listeners travelling down the Mississippi with me.

Here is a poem that says it all


Such sanctity they bring

Such ease of being

Seeing them, feeling them

Hearing them as thump happens

When my boots walk on them

Reassuring me that I am safe

I am connected

I am rooted

What a blessings you Roots are to my life.

Rex Lassalle

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Rex Lassalle