What a day, beautiful conversations with close friends. One that stood out which I am still digesting. Somehow the conversation moved to water and I mentioned Mississippi River for no known reason except that it is linked to water. The next thing I knew I had surrendered to the Mississippi River. Flowing in that creative heart bed of a vast range of American music. Along the banks of the Mississippi many musicians, composers, singers and songwriters were born in close proximity to it. To name two who had a major influence on music generally and jazz in particular are Miles Davis born on the Mississippi River in Alton and Lester Young born in Woodville Mississippi and spent most of his childhood in New Orleans which is where the river ends. I never consciously looked at that before though I am a big fan of their music.

I am sharing this as a number of friends who are doing the Feelings Kit Ritual have also had such type experiences. One that struck me deeply was when the Inner Child ritual was being done and those 9 steps backwards was occurring. The person had a flashback to when they received their teddy bear at 3 years of age. They smelt it, they saw the colour of the teddy bear. It was all like a Technicolour movie they said.


These are just coincidences but nothing changes…


Those flash back moments reconnect us with moments of joy, sadness, fear. The whole kaleidoscope of emotions can occur in those reminiscing experiences. Don’t you think that such moments can at times in that very second clear up and process pain, joy, fun whatever was the theme in that time frame? Somehoow over years even decades it was part of your emotional baggage yet never came “upon your screen”.

There it is now and more memories will unfold from that flash. Such moments can be life changing in their impact upon our psyche and lives.

That memory stumble in your day carries a seed which could ripen to bless you with ease and smoothness on your path as you journey through life. Give those moments permission to manifest in your life. They can be profoundly transformative.


A few friends doing the Feelings Kit Ritual have mentioned that at times they do feel that way. Most mention that they are not complaining about this receptive and sensitive aspect of themselves that has become more dominant in their life. The BUT that I am hearing in what they are sharing is that it would be good to have some “Space” with it. A gap would be helpful, is more what they are asking. Rather than standing a centimetre from the speeding cars on the highway. It would be nice to see it from the window of their home with some 100 metres away from the highway. This would create a more comfortable experience for them.


Here are a few options;

At the end of the Ritual, put one to two drops of harmony into the palm of your hand. Then rub both hands vigorously for a minute. Then with a slow smooth movement as you breathe gently. Scan your aura with your open hands as you make large slow movements with your hands from above your head then down to your ankles. This will most certainly give you some space with your sensitivity and feelings of vulnerability.

The other option is for those who have the blend Sacred Mountain, they will find this very grounding and anchoring plus it does bring a protective energy into one’s energy field. Rubbing a drop of it on your wrists and at the base of your skull. This would make a difference.

This may sound like a very strange option, but if your time is very flexible. You can engage with those sensitive moments as opportunities for conversations. Engage that energy with a question or questions…”so what do you want to tell me today?” or maybe “what it is you want to chat about?” Have a notepad handy as to what may arise and what is said. Some of us have unique avenues where creativity manisfest in our lives. This can be one for some people. On another level it can be a domain of healing where new guidance may come to you. Yes…it is a far out option. I have had my moments with these over the decades and pleasant surprises can await you. The Mississippi moment I mentioned earlier is one of those. The Mississippi conversation has not happened as yet but it is due and will come knocking.


This is a vest subject and it is part of the Feelings Kit Ritual, though officially you will see no such mention of it connected to doing it. All those regions where the Young Living blends are applied have Marma points and at times are Marma points. Marma points are the keys to your Astral body. Yes some of those points do coincide with the Acupuncture points. Yet they work differently when you come to them as Marma Points.


With that statement I have to show my face and talk from personal experience stretching more than four decades working as a Shiatsu Practicioner and Teacher. Working with Marma points for almost two decades and intensely for eight years in the period 2005 to 2013 when I did freelance work at the http://Mandarin Oriental Spa Knightsbridge. These points carry a more spiritual quality to it. The energy in the room when it is being done changes. The change is quite palpable. Recipients of a Marma treatment that is authentic go into a slower rhythm with themselves. For those of you who are into the Adrenalin Rush. This does nothing of the sort. If the focus with a treatment is engaging the Marma points then it is always best to begin by massaging the ears as that is a microcosm of the whole body. This statement is really for us Westerners. If a Marma treatment is done in India then the whole body is oiled before the Marma treatment is given. This is generally not the situation in the west.

By the way it is way more effective than EFT

That is quite a statement to make Rex

I am speaking the truth. My late wife Ruth did it and yes it worked for twelve hours could be twenty four hours at the most. In other words the Freedom was for a few hours. Freedom does not mean being recaptured by the same energy field. I have been in programs where the teacher gets into this approach to help and be supportive to a student or client. Obviously, I am very touched by the gesture and the care that the teacher has for the group. But we are hyping the situation for the person who is going through their swing. Here I have to touch on, what I call philosophical approaches to healing.

Many of my students over the decades saw this aspect of my work manifest…this is independent of Marma points. Give it Space.


Create Space is about Detachment. An obvious situation is that something happens in the class be it Shiatsu, 9 Star Ki and the student, attendee starts to cry. Many in the room want to go and hug and comfort them. Quote unquote. I always request GIVE THEM SPACE. Let them be. That sense of detachment that occurs which also pervades the room shifts the energy for the student. It allows the student the opportunity to own the experience, rather than being caught in a codependent response when this happens. Please do not read that as if I am allergic to hugging. Not at all. It gives a wrong energetc response which amplifies the pain and keeps it in place. Yes some shift happens. But the boomerang has to return home with all that crowding of energy. This is very much the “Fix It”model of healing. I will write more about this deep subject in the coming days.



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  1. That memory stumble in your day carries a seed which could ripen to bless you with ease and smoothness on your path as you journey through life. Give those moments permission to manifest in your life. They can be profoundly transformative.

    Thank You … very very true. I Love when this happen to me.


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