An overflowing of the cup has been happening in the last 3 days that at times has been staggering. Where to start?

On Tuesday I did a video on Zazen QIgong. At least that is what I am calling it. This video is really about giving thanks to my late Aikido teacher Kanetsuka Sensei. He was the one who taught me Zazen. I am sure this was unlike any other teacher of Zazen who has taught it in the West. It was samurai Zazen, sitting in full lotus was what was demanded when you did Zazen with him. Plus any movement or driftng off in the sitting was met by the Kyosaku across your shoulders. This is the Zen stick that is used in Zen monasteries. I spoke about this experience in my audio book Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME.

Pushing your boundaries was always present with Sensei. Intensity was an underlying statement that was ever present in his teachings. Now 44 years later it has remained a daily practice in my life.

I will post this video in the coming days when it is ready with my commentary about what I am doing in it. Be patient, it will happen.


Young Living Essential Oils do push your boundaries in a gentle way once you go beyond the “Fix It” mindset about what this oil “can do for you”.

Stepping away from the Fix it mindset and embracing the oils as a Quantum Field of possibilities.

This creates a hinge, or more accurately gives you hinges for you to place on other doors to open new pathways for you to journey along. We are now on another playing field where the Universal Function of the oils and You meet.

Rex Lassalle


Authentic Essential oils extracted, as the spirit of the tree, plant, herb and spice is the communication network that the flora of the world uses to communicate with the other cells of that plant.

To allow that Young Living Essential bottle of oil that you are holding in your hand to reconnect to that domain from which it came; means that you are recognizing and acknowledging the Universal function of the oil or blend of oils.

This creates a very different conversation that you are now having with the oils.

That hinge of acknowledgement from you; allows you to have conscious access to the earth and its many blossoming energies linked to the vast cosmos with which it is constantly dancing.

This is what becomes available when we participate with the Feelings Kit Ritual in this fashion.

That message came through very clearly yesterday afternoon when I was walking in the forest.

When you are interacting in this context with the oils, especially when you are participating with Feelings Kit Ritual. Your cellular system with its many links to the Chakras, Nadis and Marma points are now vibrating at another frequency of relatedness to your connection with that Universal Function.

This is not an intellectual projection of mine; this is a biological reality, which you are embracing when you do the Feelings Kit Ritual.

Rex Lassalle


It was interesting to receive an email from a very good friend in London who is a serious and committed meditation practitioner. I would normally get an email from him about every 6 months. I did receive one from him two months ago, there is no way I expected to hear from him. I received an email from him yesterday morning, about what?


Zazen is not his practice, anyway he shared with me a book about a Rinzai Zen practitioner and his experiences of being engaged with that practice for decades and his experience with it. That old saying what goes around comes around. My doing the Zazen Qigong video the day before brought this to me within 24 hours. That was a very pleasant surprise.

 Thank You Feelings Kit Ritual for bringing me these blessings.


That walk in the forest yesterday brought another insight to me, which was experiential. In that the insight was about the vastness of communication was that Insights can encompass.

There are insights which we get which are ideas that come to us and it illustrates a truth a knowing.

Yesterday this insight had more legs than an illustration or a knowing. It also brought a tangible feeling that those letters, sheets of paper, invoices, notebooks with our stories and ideas in them are all about communication, about linkages to other experiences.

That TREES are involved, yes those pieces of paper come from TREES. The oils allowed me to have a featured and conscious presence in my daily life. It granted me the experience of knowing this with a tangibility that I knew not before.

I deem it most appropriate to share a Finnish poem I wrote more than two years ago about a Tree. This moved me deeply when I experienced it.


Such respect you command

I never saw before

Was it always that way

That the wind stops blowing over you

When you have fallen

Or is this something all new 

I now see with new eyes

Your tree beings all stand there

Singing their hymns

As the birds add their chorus

Behind their prayers

What honour and respect

So present in this wild forest

Yet missing in my world

How do you do it

Yet you suffer the same toxicity as us all

Teach me wind or is it tree

Your wisdom

My dreams are waiting to receive you.



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Rex Lassalle