This is a dilemma I face with my day on Monday.

At one level, I have been writing more about the “mechanics” of the Ritual. What those regions and points are connected to at a deeper level to the unseen domain of us as human beings. Those unseen regions that I wrote about in the FEELINGS KIT RITUAL DIARY July 26, 2021 about the Chakras, Nadis, Chapman Reflex points to name a few and the oil blend and what it is doing at those points.

At the same time what friends are experiencing in their lives has a lot of Magic. As there is no way I can give a sequential logical explanation for any of those experiences. 

On a personal note, yesterday I had an answer to a question that began for me on July 26 1972. This experience had other dots that hinted a link to that action of blood pouring from my left nipple the day before I was released from prison. You can hear me talk about this experience along with many others in my audio book Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME. These other dots happened randomly over the decades without premonitions

Then yesterday a statement from an incidental search on Ecosia was staring at me. Here it was an answer to an on going koan stretching back over forty nine years was glaring at me off those pages from that website.

I cannot say more about this, as it is another book about my life that will have poems and moments of tendrils linking my life to another time that I knew nothing about.

 Yet it constantly keeps linking me to other horizons.

It stopped me in my tracks as I did want to post about that and other experiences in the evening. Digesting that took me somewhere else inside that is very fulfilling showing me clear lights at the end of the tunnel. Thank You Feelings Kit Ritual and the experiences you keep ripening in our lives.

Yesterday I also chatted with my cousin Andre Andy Lassalle who started to do the Feelings Kit Ritual on Saturday 24TH July. He had done it once before. He shared with me that starting it then on that Saturday took him on a new pathway with his life. Those were his words


The lucidity of his expression was astounding. We have chatted over the years and I never heard him speaking from this “zone” before.

He had me stopping him at times with what he was sharing.

“Let go off the details of what it is you are wishing for and how you will get it. Be with the journey; allow it to happen, to unfold in your life.

Looking back you then see the details.”

Andre Andy Lassalle

This was one that I wrote down. You do see similar words in personal development books and courses. He was not talking from some book he read, this was he being his authentic self. He was addressing verbalizations of your inner thoughts and wishes and its manifestation in life.

Those were his words

This statement of his is a hundred per cent accurate. He encapsulated what starts happening in your life, in your energy field when you start doing this ritual.

He also went on to tell me that having those daily connections with the Feelings Kit Ritual created amplification in the potency of other oils he used in the day.

I was not conscious of that before, yet when he shared it. I reflected and realized that a blend I made for myself with Young Living Nutmeg and Young Living Caraway more than three weeks ago. Yes, I did experience more potency from it over the last week I have been using it.

It is interesting when you chat and communicate with others who are doing the same ritual as yourself, another level of awareness arises. You start connecting “dots” those significant eperiences. They start having new links to other domains of your being. Yet there was no expectation or premonintion that any of that was about to manifest. You are then in that realization about our interconnectedness and being Alive. Your perceptions become more acute and precise.  

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  1. Goodmorning Rex.🍵
    How are you this morning?
    I read your ‘postings’ about the ‘rituals’.
    I believe…
    Have a nice day… 💯💕

  2. We are blessed with the knowledge bought to us through our “Quantum Adventures”
    We find out through the power and propellance of the oils that…
    There are no limits, only possibilities


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