Gary Young founder of Young Living Essential OILS was a sommelier of Essential Oils and the trees and plants from which they were derived. That is not an accurate choice of word to describe the gift he had. Yet it is the best way I can describe his gift.

Before I continue, let me acknowledge that he was a controversial individual. To put it another way, some people loved him and some did not. I guess you can say he did not create grey experiences for people.

In Trinidad there is a proverb that sums up these situations very well. People would say, more accurately the elders would tell you.

“People don’t’ stone empty mango trees”

Trinidad Proverb

This proverb speaks volumes!

Anyway he had the gift of watching a tree or flower and pinpointing when was the best time to start the process of extracting oil from that plant. People who worked with him told me, that he could nail it with exact numbers. These are the numbers that the machines would give under certain categories, when a chemical assessment was made as to how ready a plant was for giving the most potent oil when extracted.

This was how the creation of the blends arose from his “sommelier nose”.

What are the origins of the Feelings Kit Ritual, where did the idea of this arise?

Was there some precedent from some ancient civilization?

“This is because it was set together according to an Ancient Egyptian Healing therapy, which was found in a sacred room in the Temple of Isis.”

 I saw this on a website called Naturally Rawsome. The lady who runs this site is involved in promoting a raw food diet and is a Young Living member. I have no reason to doubt this statement; though she did not identify how she knew this.

I know as I have stated before that Gary was very curious and interested in ancient healing systems and embraced many of them in his work. The Raindrop Treatment came from his association with Elders of the Lakota tribe of North America and what he learnt from their approach to healing. I have no reason to doubt that the Feelings Kit Ritual did have its origins from the Egyptian temple of Isis as the lady mentioned on her website.

What are the oils really doing in this Ritual?


As the name suggests it is about Courage and facing life and what is in front of You as You stand on Your two feet.

In rubbing Valor on your feet you are doing just that. Plus, it is linking you back to mother earth with a combination of oils from trees and forest from around the world. The blend of oils in Valor anchors you in your humanity to stand and be in life.

Many Young Living members have often referred to Valor as the Chiropractor in the bottle. Aligning bones and joints back to their essential integrity.


This is the next blend, which you use along your spine. You are linking those areas where the chakras are with the blend Harmony. You are bringing the healing power of the trees and their spirit to be your companion. It is their essential source of communication to the rest of the tree and with other trees in the forest. This is now anointed on your chakras. This facilitates you to have a harmonious relationship with the trees and the flora of the earth.


You now come to the navel; that spot on your body, which links you to your mother and her pregnancy with you when you were conceived. All those ancestral links from mother and father’s line are being activated with the application of the blend Forgiveness.

Obviously, you can hold it in your bright intellectual brain that you are only dealing with the stuff that upset you and where a lot of disturbing emotions arose for you to seek forgiveness.

Really? Only that?

Well then if it is only that then you could rub the blend Forgiveness on your knees or elbows and ask for Forgiveness. That is not what the Ritual is asking of you. It is asking for you to put it on that point in the body that is connected to 72,000 nadis. They are those subtle energy fields that have links to all parts of body, mind and emotions.

Most certainly you are engaging much more than just what you are conscious of that needs forgiveness. Wouldn’t you think?


This blend of oils is about releasing the toxic energy from your liver and blood. The Ritual does ask you to anoint and massage the region of your liver to achieve this.

Did you know that the liver meridian rises up the medial sides of the legs from the big toes? It then comes into the sexual organs and circles around the yin organs.  Then it passes through the small abdomen; then up to and surrounding the stomach; then it permeates the liver and spirally wraps the gallbladder.  It comes up and passes through the diaphragm, up the sides of the ribs, up behind the trachea, to behind the throat.  Then it rises up the cheeks, comes into the eyes, passes up the forehead and meets the Du Mai at the top of the head. The Du Mai is also called the Brain Governor Meridian. This location is about your Crown Chakra. In many esoteric texts about the dying process from many cultures and regions, they do mention that with the dying process, this is the doorway through which the spirit leaves on its next journey back to where it is heading.

Yes, you are releasing your frustration and anger and impatience along with rage. But there is much more than that which is becoming accessible to you. You are clearing blocks in your energy field, especially with the Release blend of oil.


This blend is anointed on the area of the thymus gland, which is located at the top of the sternum. As adults, the thymus gland is no longer active. Its activity ends as puberty begins. At a logical sequential way of looking at the ritual, then it does not make sense to apply the blend there. Very true in that world of logic, your perception is absolutely correct.

Yet you do know that people who have lost limbs do at times feel pain in their ghost limb. At an energetic level, the anointing of Present Time does activate this gland that has been the source for the production of our T cells in our body. T cells are at the core of your Immune System. Hence the important role they play in your health and wellbeing. Besides anointing this spot you also need to tap the top of the sternum a few times. This reminds you that the ritual is happening right here and right now in Present Time.


You now come to the last action in the Feelings Kit Ritual. Sucking your thumb with a drop of Inner Child on your thumb as you step backwards to your childhood and inner child. You are now right back to where you started this life. All the major pathways of your connection to the Universe and its many dimensions are all open and receptive.

To speak about it from an Asian philosophical and spiritual viewpoint; you are engaged in Karmic purification and cleansing. Giving you that self-care with this ritual to tidy things up for yourself along with your links to your ancestors. It is truly a subtle yet thorough approach for you to use the key that this Feelings Kit Ritual gives you to transform your life.


Many Thanks for Reading

Rex Lassalle


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