Before I write about Day 7, towards the end of day 6 I received more gifts. I had a wonderful healing treatment in the evening.

Yes it was planned a few days ago, but as you know, plans do not always work out. Gifts most certainly kept pouring in. I sense that there are more gifts that I received yesterday as seeds that have not yet ripened. They are glimpses of things linked to my writing, most certainly seeds for some new poems.

“Patience does grant TIME the opportunity, for things to ripen. I take this opportunity to surrender these dormant seeds to TIME.”

Rex Lassalle

Anyway this morning I began my day with the Feelings Kit Ritual. I felt it wise to allow the healing treatment I received on Friday evening to do its blossoming. The oils did attract this blessing in my life.

Saturday mornings are when I have my public Zazen group with a few dedicated friends.  We have been doing Zazen as a group for the last four months every Saturday morning at seven. 

This morning I felt it was time to share some gifts with the group by demonstrating a chi gung practice that I have done on and off for the last ten years. It is a chi gung set that feeds a heartfelt energy to my Zazen. The bottom line with this set is that it allows me to have longer deeper sits.This is a treat which I enjoy

I got the set from the Shelter publication Ancient Way to Keep Fit.

B.K. Frantzis has a foreword in it. When I saw that I knew it was authentic, as he has walked his talk in a profound way by immersing himself in these practices with Chinese Lineage holders.

Anyway the set is taken from Monk Xuanjian’s Physical and Breathing Exercises. It is all done sitting crossed leg, except the last movement, which is done standing.

From doing it many times especially when I am pushing and deepening my zazen, I have found that bringing another element of breathing into the set linked to the navel enhances the digestive fire in my body. Hopefully I share this set as a video in the coming days or weeks. That is my intention anyhow.

We did this and it was fun and very nourishing plus it generated a big morning appetite for all of us. It was a morning of gifts given and received.

Here is a beautiful quote from the Tao Te Ching that I saw today which totally enrols me with its wisdom.


Hold fast to the way of antiquity

In order to keep in control the realm of today


Isn’t that beautiful and penetrating?

This lunchtime it came up that it was time to bring salt back into my diet, which my body welcomed as it was now seven days later without salt. My body and mind also enjoyed that experience of no salt for the last seven days with my vegan diet. It brought a softer feel and quality to my body. This allowed me to have more subtle levels of receptivity with my environment.

A definite feedback that I am getting from those doing the Feelings Kit Ritual with me is that they are very receptive to coincidences that are happening in their day. Recognizing patterns be it with numbers connected with time and when things happen. I know in some cultures people play games of chance and lotteries with such numbers. Please I am in no way saying that you will win when you do that. Yet some people have.

What I can say and have observed consistently is that when someone is doing the FEELINGS KIT RITUAL, they do have the “possibility” to become aware and conscious of a larger reality beyond their mundane habitual daily activities. As you can realize, they need to start walking through that door on to a larger canvas of their lives.

I am well aware that this can be frightening and shocking for some people. Even when they have had such amazing magical experiences doing the Feelings Kit Ritual.

Yet somehow returning to their goal of “when I have this I will be happy” remains present. Yet new pathways were shown to broaden that narrative of “when I have this I will be happy.” I call that stuck in their pain body, clearly indicating that happiness is not something that is ever truly present. A carrot hanging in front of them is always needed.

We all know the story about the child who keeps telling the parents when “I get this, I will be really happy”. The parents give the child the gift be it at their birthday or some holiday time. Then within 24 hours an addition to the gift is needed to make the child happy. Happiness then becomes an experience that is transient, never a place of being within them.

Please, I am not dismissing the importance of goals and wishes in our lives. It is important, how we interact with it and allow it to unfold at times can be missing as it is only seen through that narrow window that they are holding it. Yet life at times is resonating with their dreams and goals and wishes to give them something much more. Because of the lens they hold to life, it can be that myopic that the pain body is what becomes their life. Just sharing some observations I have witnessed over the decades.

Feelings Kit Ritual can most certainly nourish and expand your experience of happiness if you give it that Space to do that in your life.  

Let the Oils be Your Teacher.

Many Thanks for Reading/ Rex

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