This morning whilst I was meditating, the door bell rang. This was a big surprise, it was 9.15. Strange to hear my door bell at time. Plus I had no expectations of receiving anything today and for sure. No one was ringing my bell to pay me a visit.

It was my monthly wholefood order. This normally takes two to three days before I get my delivery in more than twenty five months of ordering from this company.

I had only place this order yesterday at 11 a.m. and here it was. Total surprise. Plus along with that there were Vegan gifts of goodies from the company. First time, never happened before. How do they know that I am Vegan this week. Yes, ok I shared that on the internet. It seems they are supporting my efforts consciously or unconsciously.

That was not the only gift as other things came to me in the meditation that I need to do and share in the coming days. I am aware that friends are curious about my “this came to me” or “things came to me”. What does that mean.


Over the last two maybe three decades be it in meditation or sometimes in the middle of the day without any focus orthought. Ideas or images appear in my mind or presence. Most times it has nothing that I am working with or occupied about. My expression of those moments is that of “this came to me”. The Ancestral communication is in a different department. They show up either in dreams or messages that I receive. Most times, to be honest. It is orders. I think they still see me as an Army Officer who needs to be given orders. Not complaining. Of course the very few times I did not listen and follow instructions then they show up to physically discipline me in some way. I talk about this in my audio book http://Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME

By the way all of that and how I met my father’s mother Flora is in that autobiographical Audio book

It was a morning of dreams, all smooth and flowing. New symbols, can’t say much about them presently. At times some of these experiences in dreams takes some days to ripen to point to certain things in your life.


No salt for the last five days have brought some changes to my taste buds. I am a big fan of http://Chiko Roasted Coffee. Last night I decided to soak some Amaranth grain. You can read about it in a post I did some weeks back, Do you trust your gut? I added some Roasted Chicory coffee to it. This has a light bitter taste with a hint of sweetness in it. I also put some raisins with it and grated a hint of nutmeg into it. Added some boiling water for it to soak overnight. This morning for breakfast I added some Chia seeds to the mix with some warm Oat milk. That was a winner…hmmmm. For most people I think they would want a sweetener with it. If salt was present in my diet, I would be heading for a squirt of Agave. Let’s leave food alone for now


Some friends have found from doing the Ritual that they are having more heightened states of sensitivity with their body. Some have also mentioned more animals, birds start showing up around them. There is one lady who mentioned many dragon flies started to come around, which never happened before, also a snake. I know this is scary for some my sharing that. My take about such an experience with this lady is that she carries deep psychic gifts. In doing the Ritual this is ripening. Hence the domain of the what the Hindus and Buddhist call Nagas start showing up. In that friendly way they are bringing gifts or removing obstacles. That is the view in their mythology about them.

Others have mentioned their awareness of numbers and how they are playing out in the day they are more conscious of these “coincidences”. Let the good times Roll and Your gifts and blessings be seen.


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  1. Goodmorning my ‘lovely’ friend Rex!
    I never try Chicory coffee! 🍡
    Love to ‘read’ your postings! β£οΈπŸ“–
    And thank you for beΓ«ing my friend! πŸ’

    Have a wonderful ‘weekend’

    Love… πŸ’–πŸ’―


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