A new beginning is present, a new opening. Today this arose for me as I started my day, as if new lens were given to me to see the world from various possibilities. Before I share about that, I want to mention some new twist to how I am doing the Ritual. These are sharings from me and there is no way am I suggesting that you need to do it with these nuances that have arose for me. How Gary Young laid it out works, following those instructions brings results. No question about that.


The innovations that have occurred are the following. More correctly it is what’s new in my anointing after doing it at least six times over the years.

On Sunday my first day of doing the Ritual it came to me to stop having any salt in my food for a week. I have not done this before. Yes I have for a day or two but not for a week. I am enjoying the experience as my taste buds are aligning themselves to “feel” life in a new way. Those nerves and cells that are linked to my experience of taste are discovering new experiences. They are surely saying SPRING is here.

A more relaxed feeling pervades my solar plexus and gut. Walking in the forest it seems my receptivity to what is there has amplified. Along with that I am Vegan this week.

My daily diet is generally vegetarian and when my body shouts for animal food I do take, and that happens about once or twice over a six week period.


I have found that there is more of an alignment of myself with the forest. The reality is that doing the Feelings Kit Ritual we are really bathing ourselves with the energy and spirit of the trees and plants. That is what these oils are and as we know there is a lot of communication that is happening in the forest as you can read here https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/the-whispering-trees-180968084/.

Strange as this may sound, moving around only with vegetable foods with no salt. In other words some part of you is not that contracted to the earth. Salt contracts things as you can see if you add salt to pickle vegetables. The water is squeezed out and the vegetable gets smaller. It feels as though there are more cells of my body that are reaching out to the trees when I walk amongst them. They with their sensitivity are aware “he is bathed in our oils, he is using our system of communication…Essential Oils” That cellular curiosity does arise in my view. I am well aware that science is the new god in peoples lives. The subjective knowingness is no longer present for most of us. Cut a long story short. There is More HAPPINESS when I walk in the forest.


This awareness about directions and their impact on our lives has been present for me for more than four decades. It plays a big part in the 9 Star Ki System, which has been at the core of my writings http://The Alchemy of TIME.

In the last five years viewing the directions as Sacred started to enter my narrative. In the Katori Shinto Ryu text it is written with such a view. Among Indigenous people in all parts of the world, this perspective is the foundation of all Indigenous groups. Doing the Young Living Inner Child part of the Ritual at the end where you walk backwards for 9 steps whilst holding your thumb with Inner Child blend on the roof of your mouth. It came to me last night walk backwards to the South West direction. That is the direction where Trinidad is from Finland. There was more energy that occurred when I did it in that direction. You can look at that as something to explore, you may find more possibilities arise for you when you walk in the direction to where you were born.


Here is a poem I wrote in the spring of 2019. It happened when I was meditating early in the morning and birds were speaking a lot. I have used this poem in many of coaching sessions with clients since then. Most times not saying the poem to them but using it as a framework to show that within that stress there are possibilites for new opportunities. Take a read!


We sit and quiet is our demand yet busy birds squawk

Spring is here

How else can they be

Yet quiet is our demand

Life is present below all our demands

Life is present below all the squawking birds

Life is present below Spring and its crackling energy

Isn’t it Time that we embrace Life beyond our expectations

All these expectations are now our disappointments

So it seems

Can it not be that Life ever present showing us a new Spring

If only we can see beyond disappointments

Caught in this squawking mind

Life is calling beyond that noise

To something below that is always present

Always calling us if only we could listen.

Thanks for reading…Let the oils be our teacher.


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  1. Beautiful Poem. That is the kind of vibration I felt when everyone was totally down and feeling hopeless about the Pandemic last year … deep down I felt hopeful and excited about what was/is still to come.

    And talk about direction … in my grandson’s room in his bed in France recently, after two uneasy nights … the third night I put my pillows and head to the foot of the bed. I slept the entire night and the eight nights after that. Direction? 🙏. Thanks for sharing. People need people.


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