Day 3 came and went without my writing a post. My apologies, yet TIME and its ripening took me somewhere else. Take a read

I had a meeting in the morning then when I returned home there was this link from a friend who knew I was doing the Feelings Kit Ritual. This was at midday. When I opened this video I was totally enrolled in what this video was sharing.

Here is a link to it https://youtu.be/ftFbCwJfs1I

Enrolled is a total understatement. I was OVERWHELMED

This video created a deeper connection with Flora my father’s mother. She was not a Kogi as those Columbian Indigenous people, she was from Venezuela from the Orinoco forest. In listening to the narrative and the words of the Kogi Mamo “certain trees were planted in the wrong place.” This brought back memories of my father when we walked in the Botanic Gardens in Port of Spain or at times when we walked in the countryside. My father would say “Rex this tree is planted in the wrong place, he would then explain where it belonged. Yes he did study Botany in school, but talking about trees and plants in this way was not part of the curriculum. I remember my sister telling me that she wanted to study Botany at the University because of the inspiration that our father triggered in us. She told me she packed it in as they do not teach how he was talking about it. Yes friends, this is all a mystery journey for me where the Young Living oils are being my teacher as they are connecting many historical dots from my childhood.


Reflecting on this as the day rolled along, it hit me where did that knowledge come from as his mother died when he was four years of age. Did his father know any of this? I have no answer to that as not much was ever said about him or her. I guess the grief and pain of their passings was too much for my father to share. His father died when he was twenty four years. Yet, when I look at a photo of my Grand father’s eyes, for sure there is an Indigenous touch in those eyes. Sorry to bore friends with my personal biography in this diary, it is just that doing this feelings kit ritual more awareness of this is arising. I guess, this is so, as Flora gave me the order to start doing it on Saturday.By the way I spoke about this in my audio book Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME I have a special offer on it that ends today, for those who are curious.

I spoke to the relative who I have not spoken to for over twelve years. This was very emotional. It was a short chat as they were busy and more will occur in the coming days. Some of what I am sharing now, I was not consciously aware of the connections in TIME. This is a core aspect of my work and writings about The alchemy of TIME. Time has a way of ripening things which is way beyond writing about it only from the perspective of 9 Star Ki.


There was another one of those “ripenings” yesterday. As it was when I was writing an email to my cousin Greg in Canada that this relative phoned. Dots joining up through the hinges.
All of this energy spinning in my head. It was time for me to do my Digital Alchemic Foot Ritual.
That slowed my head down, what was interesting, which I had not experienced before when doing it, was that it created a lot of heat in the heart chakra region of my upper back.

When I was out in the afternoon doing some shopping I saw a car with a German number plate here in Tammisaari. You very seldom see that here. I sensed that I would get some communication from Germany. Anyway that happened later yesterday evening and it had to do with photos from
villingen-schwenningen. My mothers’ father traded with a clock company called kienzle from schwenningen. This is where I had a Shiatsu school in the late 1980’s. For that TIME dot to occur in the day, showed that all links to my ancestral past were ripening yesterday. Hence being OVERWHELMED by it all. Those oils with TIME was creating another Alchemic experience in my being. Thank You TIME.


This morning I realized that doing the Digital Alchemic Foot Ritual yesterday allowed me to forget to do my Feelings Kit RItual. Yes folks I did, I was that chilled out with all those happy moments from the day. Sleep just rolled over me and so it was. This morning it hit me “Rex, you did not do your Ritual last night!” Yes very true, so I did it this morning. Whilst doing it I was aware that I did send birthday wishes to the lady who translated my Shiatsu program in Rome some years ago. Yes…on the button. She was the translator of the Digital Alchemic Foot Ritual.

In that program, I remember one of the students in the class pointed out to me that I was teaching from a non scientific perspective i.e. it was not analytical. I took objection to his statement, replying that what I am teaching is what works that it comes from my experience. I could have easily told him, yes I have an Indigenous past which shows up in my teaching and work. It has taken me this time for this to become totally evident.

I have to thank Finland for this and my walks in their forest and by their lakes to ripen this in me. I need to thank Maire Lethonen for hosting me when I first came to live in Finland five years ago and for Anne-Charlotte Soderstrom having me as a tenant in Tammisaari. Being here has opened deeper grooves in my being where writing is now a passion of mine. Thank You Finland thank you all these generous friends of mine. Deeply grateful.

Let the oils be your teacher.


  1. Time has a way of ripening things which is way beyond writing about it only from the perspective…
    So very interesting, not boring at all.
    It’s helping me to understand my OWN history with my grandmother and events that I often wondered if “I was the only one” or weird. . So Thanks for sharing.
    Anxiously awaiting my oils. 🙏


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