Day 2 so far has not had any big surprises yet the day is young. We see what the day brings.

For sure much easier bowel movements, not that it is an issue. Just things are more smoother.

When I awoke this morning what was very present was a need to explain the esoteric dimension of this ritual. What part of our being that is really influenced by the anointment that we are doing to our body.

These days’ people love to have and to get more information about things, and its many benefits. Good to remember though that information is not knowledge. Knowledge comes from working, using and doing a practice for decades. Then something else starts showing up in the person’s energy field.


We have our Feelings Kit Ritual 6 oils in front of us. If we truly want to connect with the power and nurturing qualities of the oils, then we need to start by smelling the oil one nostril at a time.

Yes, starting with the left nostril, which is linked to the Ida nadi, this is the subtle channel that is linked to the moon. Then let your right nostril smell the oil, this nostril is related to the Pingala nadi that is linked to the Sun. Slowly doing this three times gives the body and mind a clear signal that something new is about to connect with your body. It peaks the curiosity of the cells.

Please do not read this as a “have to”, just sharing an approach that will stir deeper reactions from the ritual. In a way, you are truly welcoming the oils to your being when you approach them in this manner.

Lets start with the feet

When we begin the Ritual by rubbing the soles of our feet with Valor we are connecting with the marma point Pada Madhya. This is a point, which is in the middle of the foot. It has a major influence on the diaphragm and pancreas, supports the digestive process.

KURCHA SHIRA is a point, which supports the body in carrying nutrients to the muscle tissue. It is a most helpful marma to work on when someone is recovering from physical injury as well as those who are in competitive sports. Kurcha Shira marma nourishes a speedy recovery from physical exhaustion. It is an excellent point to focus on for those who are seeking wrinkle free faces.

Kurcha Marma point as shown in the chart is just behind the ball of the foot. This point helps eyesight and also liver function. Of course in the Ritual we are not focused on these points yet they are receptive to the Valor being applied to the feet and benefits will flow from massaging the feet.


We apply this oil along our spine and then on our forehead and top of head. These are the locations linked to the chakras.

Base of the spine is Trik marma point; this point is where the kundalini energy is stored. It is a point that helps relieve pain in the body along with being supportive to the urinary and reproductive systems.

Next point up the spine is KUKUNDARA, this point lies on either side of the sacrum where the lumbar spine meets the sacrum. Most helpful to spread the region in which you apply the oil HARMONY. This marma point supports the function of the kidneys, bladder and colon.

I have to switch systems here and to talk about it from the Taoist perspective as this point connects with the solar plexus and is called /Ming Men point, which lies between Lumbar 3 & 4 on the spine. It is in line with the navel providing the person does not have a prolapsed gut. This point is a big supporter of Kidney function but also the core life force of the body that has a lot do with the fire of our being.

We then come to the Heart Chakra, which is PRUSHTHA. It consists of three points on either side of the dorsal vertebra from dorsal 3 to dorsal 5. The point that we are focused on is the third point at dorsal 5. We can again be generous with our massage in this area as we were when we massaged KUKUNDARA in the sacrum region.

Besides dorsal 5 on the spine we can also spread the massage outward to the scapula on either side of the spine. This point has a big influence on heart and lung function.

We then come to MANYAMULA marma point, which is at the base of the skull. This may sound like heresy but I use this point to influence throat chakra. Traditionally the cervical vertebra is the location for the throat chakra. Having said that, the first cell that arises in our becoming human beings start in that location that is also called the medulla oblongata. This is the first cell that develops in an embryo. As you know the first thing that happens to us as human beings is when we come into the world. We bawl all symbolized by the Throat Chakra. This point benefits the cerebrospinal circulation, eases neck discomfort, benefits pancreatic function. It is of big help for people who suffer from constipation. It is a key point for any postural problems.

Next is the brow chakra with the NASA MULA marma point, which is located between the eyebrows. The actual brow chakra called AJNA is located one finger width above NASA MULA. Yet they both influence the brow chakra. When applying the oil HARMONY here I suggest you do a gentle up and down movement here for a few seconds before doing circular movements on this area. This point calms the mind, stabilizes emotional upsets, and eases sinus problems. It also helps with prostate and cervix issues.

Finally we come to the Crown Chakra known as ADHIPATI .You can touch this point when you place the heel of the palm of your hand between both eyebrows and allow your middle finger to reach back to where it touches on the top of the head. That is the location of your Crown Chakra. ADHIPATI marma addresses any issues with the head, emotional swings, poor concentration, hormonal imbalances, nervous twitching along with learning disorders


We apply this oil to the navel; the marma of the navel is called NABHI. This is the start of all the nadis in the body. There are 72,000 of them; hence this is the link of you as a human being to life and its many manifestations. This is your biological link to your ancestors. This marma has an influence on all internal organs, especially liver, gall bladder, stomach, spleen, pancreas, colon, small intestine, kidneys and bladder. 


We use this oil blend by putting a drop of this oil under our tongue, leave it there as we apply two drops of it over our liver region on the right side of our rib cage. The marma point located with the liver is YAKRUT and is the 11th rib also known as the first floating rib. This marma point has a major influence on blood and emotional state. Especially with emotions connected to anger, frustration and impatience

This is a point that hosts those emotions. Good to massage RELEASE all along the edge of the rib cage. Energetically, there is also a reflex point higher up on the right rib cage between the sixth and seventh rib from the mid line of the nipple to the sternum. Working out that blockage that is there for many of us will have a truly profound impact on your health and wellbeing. This is known as a Chapman Reflex, from the late famous American Osteopath Dr Frank Chapman.


This oil is anointed at the top end of the sternum; you can massage PRESENT TIME on to this marma point for about a minute. Then tap with a few of your fingers onto JATRU. That is the name for this point. This marma benefits the lungs and throat, thyroid imbalances be it hyper or hypo. It helps to harmonize its function. Enhances communication and releases suppressed emotions. Strengthens the Immune system.


This oil is placed on the tip of the thumb and you then place it on the roof of the mouth. The marma located here is SHRINGATAKA, which is the four meeting point of the sense organs of nose, tongue, eyes and ears. It also opens into many brain functions that relate to the senses. The walking backwards that we do whilst sucking the thumb on this marma takes us back along our sensory experiences into our childhood. In a way it is triggering an unconscious reset button as we do this. Giving us the opportunity to look at the world through refreshed senses.

Many thanks for your engagement with this Ritual and your curiosity to discover more as to what it does for You.  


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