Amazing, amazing, amazing, a family member who I have not spoken to in maybe almost a decade and who at times I have reached out to at least once or twice a year, sent me an email this morning that they would like to chat with me.

FLORA you shake my bones and bring me to tears with your guidance, love and wisdom. Tears are rolling down my cheeks as I write this. A shaking runs through my body as I write.

Yes, this is the same woman who had blood pour out from my left nipple the day before I was released from prison. This Indigenous woman and her magic that my only way to relate is to be obedient and to surrender.

Can you imagine those two words obedience and surrender appearing in the narrative of us human beings these days? That those words still exist in our vocabulary, as they are words, so it would seem, that express a lack of intelligence and surely not being with the program. Whatever that program was or is.

Rex Lassalle

I remember how aghast this gifted and skilful American teacher was when as an attendee in his program in Germany. I shared my experience about my relationship with my ancestors, he saw it as relevant to what he was teaching about the imprints that are there in our nervous system and how it shows up with changes in our breathing and also self-expression. When he enquired a bit further as regards my access or receptivity to this domain and I mentioned that I am obedient to them and surrender to their guidance. He never spoke to me again in the program, the remaining two days I was just a ghost in his program.

Bless him that is where he is and he was never in prison on a capital charge where you could be hung. Then to announce that your freedom was nigh and that your actions were blessed and in alignment with the ancestral wishes. From that heart space of the left nipple blood poured forth. Sorry friends to spin out into this, the Feelings Kit Ritual opens such deeper levels of awareness and brings new insights as you reflect on magical moments in your life.

By the way, I have shared in great detail about her in my audio book Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME

You can hear me speaking about her in great detail in my audio book. I share the details of how the dots lined up for me to meet her in my audio book. For those who like to read the “signs” and coincidences there is a goldmine of real life experiences in that audio book.

I am curious to hear what has gone on for other friends who are doing the Feelings Kit Ritual. Please share, as we are all on a learning curve with these Young Living oils and what they are teaching us and opening us up to.

Besides that, my sleep was deeper. I had some dreams with new symbolism though at the moment I do not have the sequential details about it. Maybe it will show up later in the day or in the coming days.

I think it is TIME for me to share this poem I wrote about Flora in those last five months with my scuba diving to my inner being.


I need to post the poem on Facebook as my skills with WordPress to give honour to this poem is not there. Do take a read of it on FB.

Here are some footnotes to the poem

Kitch Lord_Kitchener_(calypsonian)

Callaloo * Trinidad callaloo

Shango Trnidad shango

Tassa Tassa drumming

Lester http://Lester Leaps In: The Life and Times of Lester Young

Brazilian Frog the Kambo ceremony. Most of what you read on the net as with all indigenous practices and traditions has many warnings plus the obvious sacred statement “pseudo scientific”

Many Thanks for reading. Enjoy as you digest it

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