Oftentimes, mother’s to be face certain challenges of discomfort when pregnant. Here are some Young Living Essential Oils that can make a difference and create comfort for the mother to be.

Morning Sickness

Peppermint Young Living Peppermint often helps correct this. Can be as simple as the mother sniffing the bottle of Peppermint. Other ways of using it is to rub it under the soles of her feet. Please ask where she may want it applied. Plus the intuition of mother’s to be can be vast and suggestion could be on her knee or elbow etc. Please be receptive to these requests. Peppermint can also be of help with Constipation, fevers and headaches.


A few drops of youngliving lavender placed in the palm of the mother’s hand and rubbed together which she gently inhales for a while can help. Another oil is a Blend, called peace and calming or stress away will do the same. Putting it on the wrists will do wonders, especially in the region of where the lung meridian wrist points runs. Lavender also helps with cuts, burns, scrapes and allergies.


Removing all the electronic devices that are now part of our lives, from where we sleep can make a major difference. I remember years ago I was doing freelance work at this Spa hotel in Knightsbridge in London. One day I was having lunch in the canteen, and there was an employee who was pregnant at the time. She was complaining to her friends how terrible her nights were and how the baby was so restless at night and constantly kicking her in her belly and how exhausted she was. On hearing this I leaned over the table and said to her, “can I ask you a question, she said; “yes of course”; “do you use your phone as an alarm clock?” She said “Yes, obviously” I said; “stop doing that!” She said “REALLY!”

Anyway cut a long story short. Five days later I was in the canteen, I felt this hand on my elbow, when I looked around it was she. She said, “Thank You, Thank You, I have my life back. I got a regular alarm clock, switched my phone off and left it outside the bedroom. All is well now.”

I share that for what it is worth.

Lavender under the soles of the feet at night will help, frankincense is another as is also the blend White angelica are all supportive oils with sleep issues.


There is a lot of anxiety presently if this shows up with a mother to be, understandably so with the entire virus pandemic. There are three oils that can be very supportive of this; they are the blends Raven, Breathe again and R.C.


Pan Away is a blend that is very helpful with such complaints a few drops rubbed over the area of discomfort can ease this. Which reminds me the “rhythm” of how the oil is applied can make a big difference. Sometimes the mother to be may prefer a brisk application; most times it would tend to be smooth and gentle. Be receptive to what she is requesting and do ask if the rhythm of your application works for her.


The blend Thieves and Purification can be very supportive, rubbed under the soles of the feet tends to work best in these situations. Obviously diffusing it can make a big difference at home or at your work place.


The blend Digize is very supportive in these situations.

At times some mothers to be feel more comfortable with the oils when added to almond oil or sesame oil or a vegetable oil. This can be done. The quantity to the size of the bottle would vary along with what proportions works best. I mention that for what it is worth. Yes there are certain points on the body that can be very potent when using the oils. That is a big subject and yes working on certain points the effectiveness can be deeper and more soothing. I will be writing a lot more about these points; the lmarma points The mental stabilizer ritua, as their impact is truly profound and one can say magical.  


This can vary, as the circumstances can be many.

In a home birth situation, the diffusing of certain oils can make a big difference. A key question is which oil that the mother feels the best to have in this particular sacred time. I am consciously using the word sacred with this as the presence of ancestral energies are there when this is happening.

Well aware that in hospitals that the machines are plugged in and the midwife, nurses and doctors can be looking at the heart beat and other monitors as regards where things may go wrong and the emergency measures that are then needed. I am not dismissing these concerns, yet that is a mind set that has as its focus as to what may go wrong.

That ancient knowingness that women had from hundreds of thousands of years ago has now become a forgotten knowledge.


I wish all of you who are working and involved with this precious knowledge and skill all blessings with your work. Essential oils can be a major support that can be very nurturing and supportive in this whole process and for sure can amplify the receptivity and sensitivity of doulas doing this wonderful caring work. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this with you.

Something that I forgot to mention is that there are some oils that should be avoided during pregnancy. These are Sage, Idaho Tansy, Hyssop, Fennel and Wintergreen. Be cautious with blends that contain any of these oils as they could create aggravation during pregnancy.

A booklet that I highly recommend is Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern. This booklet came out more than two decades ago.

For those living in America, you will find great support exploring this site which has useful links when there are complications in the pregnancy.


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