To talk about essential oils and pregnancy is to talk about ancient times where human beings relationships with the earth and the trees and the seasons were very different than the world we know now.

We get glimpses of this from ancient mythologies of civilizations from all of the continents on planet earth.

In many societies certain trees had a lot to do with the birth process. I am not here to talk about those long forgotten historical moments except to say that because of it we are all here today. Please do not dismiss or denigrate these stories and experiences that come from those times.

In Finland there is the wisdom of the Kalevala stories and the folk knowledge from that period. All ancient societies carry such wisdom, some of it written. Most of it in Indigenous societies was oral as the sacredness of the wisdom was in the sound and words that were handed down for millennia upon millennia.

Yes our modern inventions have created many conveniences in our lives. Do remember conveniences do not necessarily have a connection with wisdom. Though they do make a major contribution to our lives.

The birth experience is a sacred experience, the bringing of another human being onto planet earth. Well aware that man with his scientific skills can do that in laboratories and such clones is now part of our modern world. This has contributed to the unfolding development of robots in our societies.

Having said that, I am here to talk about Essential Oils. My backdrop or canvas, are the trees, herbs and spices from which Essential Oils are extracted.

First off all bottles that say Essential Oils are not the same. Some are mixed with paraffin oil and other vegetable oils to stretch them. In the presentation that I did on line in the spring; I was not allowed to speak about the brand.

I was not allowed to mention which Essential Oils I use and which I get the results from as that is considered marketing and I respect the boundaries that are requested when I need to speak about Essential Oils.

That was then, at times to reach more people, especially offering pregnant mothers biological supportive options you have to embrace these limitations.

The brand that I use is Young Living Essential Oilsyoungliving; it is through these particular oils that I made contact with my father’s mother. I never knew her as she died when my father was four years of age. I shared that story in my autobiographical audio book Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME.

This experience through the Young Living Essential Oils has remained a precious sacred experience in my life. She has become a constant support and guide in my life connecting me to my Indigenous roots from the Mayan tradition. That is another story for another time.


For the mother to be feeling comfortable and being comfortable are essential needs that a mother to be has. Plus that aspect is what she is seeking when she has her baby.

Essential oils can be a major support for her in this whole process from the time when the pregnancy begins till the delivery and into the breast-feeding aspect of the birth.


In the domain of essential oils, the fragrance of the oils and how she feels in smelling them is important and it needs to be fully respected. I can’t highlight this enough. Though I am going to suggest certain oils for certain situations and experiences that the mother may go through in her pregnancy and birthing experience. This aspect needs to be honoured.

Please do not forget this. Plus her sense of comfort when smelling certain fragrances can change during the pregnancy.


How I am going to share about the oils goes beyond what you may read in many books. I am not being arrogant when I say this as most of what is written by the many authors carries the “Fix it” label with it.  For sure that is important and you will get that aspect about the oils as I share them.

What I want to highlight is the Relatedness that one establishes with the oils. When that bottle of an authentic Essential Oil is opened the fragrance and the fine molecules that are then emitted at some level is connecting back to the tree or trees of that forest or grove somewhere on planet earth. It is like a Quantum Wave as the oil came from a tree and it is the spirit of that tree or those combinations of trees that created that blend of oils. Connecting with the oils in that manner brings another level of sensitivity and receptivity to the space that a pregnant woman occupies.

That connection is there, that receptivity is present. I am well aware that not much of this is said or spoken about or even acknowledged but that is the reality. This relatedness then amplifies the potency of the essential oils that you are using in whatever the situation is. Please do not hear that as some mystical experience. I am not speaking about it in that way, this is very earthy and tangible, once you start opening to that way of relating with the Essential Oils. Obviously in all of this, is that oil bringing comfort to the mother to be or not is the key factor, before we take any other actions with the oil.

In my next blog I will share about which oils contribute to a comfortable Pregnancy.


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