These days the issue of obesity is a common theme for many people not denying that on the opposite end of the scale there are millions upon millions of people who are dying from starvation.

Here I am writing about Obesity and Your Wellbeing.

As I mentioned in my previous article about Your PaIn bodyhttps://rexlassalle.com/1051-2/, it is important that you identify which one of those 6 possible initiators of your Pain Body is present.

Six key questions to ask yourself?
1.    Am I still in pain from an emotional relationship?

2.    Do I have an on going denigrating chatter about my body? These tend to be two words sound bytes like; too fat, too skinny, too tall, too short, too small, too big etc.

3.    Am I caught in doing some goal that seems further and further away from me? Obviously doing a goal does not make sense. Yet how the narrative is in the person’s mind with their pain body, the achieving of that goal is a doing of it. An inner process of feeling it as already come to pass along with seeing it in that way is how goals are achieved.

4.    Am I incomplete stuck with grief from the loss of a loved one, especially if it is mother, father, husband, wife, and brother, sister also a pet?

5.    Am I addicted to some substance, habit, and activity?

6.    Am I caught in blame for certain experiences or situations in my life that my inner chatter is dominated by BLAME?

Once identified, expunging it from your life, from your Being. For that not to be processed, it means that the relatedness, which you have with your body, would have this Pain Body as an underlying theme in your weight loss program. In fact, it will be the dominant theme. Yes outwardly all the declarations and evidence of commitment to your goals can be there. I am not denying that maybe you are even entering a competition that you may win. Yet the battle that is eating away at your life, hence your WELLBEING is that item or those items from your Pain body that are sabotaging your sense of fulfilment and satisfaction.

In the last four decades, there has been a great depreciation of the quality of food that we can eat. Yes, I can hear some people mentioning more Organic foods are available, at one level in some regions of the world that is true, but the quality of the soil from which our food comes from is extremely depleted from how it was four decades ago. Plus the consumption of processed foods has had exponential growth levels over these last four decades globally. This has also meant that we are seeing levels of obesity especially with children that have been frighteningly shockfull.

In fact the gross obesity that is becoming a dominant theme in many societies also brings a level of toxicity to the person and adds another dimension of their Pain Body.

The healing process of detoxification is very much needed in these situations where the excess weight is vast. What is very interesting in these cases where the overweight condition is that enormous; you will often find large emotional swings accompanying it. This needs to be catered too. It encompasses this charged state as the body and mind peels away certain desires that went along with that phase of the weight gain back when it happened.

A healing element that is very much part of that emotional recovery is water. The intake of plain water that is room temperature or warm is a major tool for progress in any weight management program. Consuming at least 2 to 3 litres of water daily is required as moving those toxins out of the system is a key to a healthy weight loss program.


 The need for addressing a healing of the liver function would be needed. These days such language as "healing liver function" is no longer our personal domain. A more apt description would be "giving kindness and attention to your liver and its function. By the way In such a toxic environment Wellbeing goes out the window. Those efforts around weight loss at times create a deeper sadness for some individuals. 

 When congruence is absent; and attempting to please the wishes or projections of some loved one because it pleases them is a toxic emotional minefield that needs to be avoided at all cost.
 Yes the person gets the pat on the back from the approver but where they are in the conversation is not seen. This frequently leads to gaining the weight that was lost along with bouts of depression. The Pain Body will often have this narrative to add to the others “they are not seeing me and my needs. Nobody is really relating with me I am all alone.” Statements like those can easily be present. Experiences of this type surrounding obesity is very tragic, such approaches compound the problem rather than create Wellbeing breakthroughs.  

Another realm that can embrace people into being obese is loyalty to a relative; being the same like they were. Expressing love and loyalty by a dysfunctional honouring. Which more than likely that relative or ancestor wanted their relative to be happy and to live THEIR life and not that of the relative.

The unravelling of such dysfunctional expressions of love, needs patience and opening other “boxes” of hurt that are often present when attitudes like that are manifest. Most times an underlying distrust in oneself is present along with little or no self-confidence.

The recovering of self-confidence and certainty of being is very much needed to move away from obesity in these circumstances.

How do you mean create distance from your pain body when it is constantly nagging at you?

I hear you loud and clear with the on going nagging that occurs from the Pain Body.

To disconnect from that we need to cultivate observing our breath as we sit quietly with a good posture of straight back and relaxed shoulders. Yes meditation is a name you can put on that.

My audiobook Rex Lassalle & The Alchemy of TIME. has many startling stories about the other narrative that meditation has created in my life. That narrative is at its core WELLBEING. Do not underestimate having meditation as a daily companion in your life.

I am using that word devoid of any religious or any particular group or organization.

I am saying that in a very specific way i.e. this is not about some missionary attitude about “save this one or that one”. My work is very far removed from such viewpoints, as there is no way I am coming from this way is the only way etc. I am allergic to such attitudes as there is wisdom from so many different cultures, groups, and regions of the world. I am curious about what works to alleviate the human condition and as we all know there are thousands of paths to walk.

Yes that quiet time with your breath and good posture helps to create SPACE. Allowing you to start experiencing your life as an observer. Observing what is there, what is so for you without grasping it or owning it as yours. Seeing it as an experience, a moment in time as you embrace that word allowing.

Allowing is the key in this; to do that you need to welcome observing. Observing is just that, only observing. No fixing, no changing of the narrative. Hence connecting with Surrender. That word in our Western languages spells loss and defeat. Yet it brings this vast freedom of creating Space in your life and experience. Just by observing what is so for you in your life.

As that daily awareness becomes more a part of your life. You will then have some Space to choose your responses to situations and memories, rather than be triggered by them. You will then be well on your way to cuddle your Wellbeing and to observe the dissolving of your obesity.


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